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A criminal investigation into former President Trump's attempts to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia is set to intensify this week

Billionaire Lakshmi Mittal is revisiting a plan to set up a steel plant in Indian state of Odisha with an investment of $6.9 billion

MTAR IPO set to conclude today. Should you subscribe?

San Francisco city leaders on Thursday celebrated the groundbreaking of a future affordable housing complex in the city's South of Market neighborhood that is set to provide housing for 96 people exiting homelessness.

Goldman Sachs said Thursday it is joining other major U.S. banks in committing to align financing activities with a net-zero emissions pathway by 2050 and set interim targets by the end of 2021.

#May2WithTimesNow | Kerala all set to witness a tightly contested election. Detailed insights from each constituency as the state heads to polls. Follow Vivek K, who reports from on ground in Kerala, only on TIMES NOW -- India's Election News Headquarter.

Towson music venue The Recherset to reopen March 19 after eight years of closed doors

Man arrested for attacking deputies after trying to set store on fire, sheriff's officials say

Authorities in Sweden set out case against a Swedish suspect alleged to have sold industrial secrets from Volvo and Scania to a Russian agent

In non-pandemic times this would set off alarms for a sign of breast cancer.


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Here’s a Christmas present to all those who asked me what it’s like to hang out with Baby Yoda on the set of #TheMandalorian  #TheTragedy . Check out #DisneyGallery  for more behind the scenes!

President Obamaset up anti-pandemic programs in 47 vulnerable countries, as a way to protect against something just like Coronavirus breaking out across the world. Experts begged Trump to keep them open. He closed 37 of them.

“This is what we know. We have to go back to the state level and how this morass came to be in the first instance. The Governor, Wolf, and the State Supreme Court, flagrantly violated the Constitution of the U.S. The power to set these rules and regulations is vested in the

Nancy Pelosi says she got “set up” by a Beauty Parlor owner. Maybe the Beauty Parlor owner should be running the House of Representatives instead of Crazy Nancy?

You should give a fuck. You really should. But only about things that set your soul on fire. Save your fucks for magical shit.

Keep finding great pics on my phone! Louis and liam on the set of our macys Xmas commercial for the perfume last year

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Finally ! 18 and no control in the set , we needed that extra few days rehearsal on them! It felt so good to play new choonesssss !

So. Let's set the stage... President Trump has chosen as the venue for his first rally in months, Tulsa, Oklahoma, site of a horrific massacre of African Americans. And he has set the date for June 19th, Juneteenth, a celebration of the end of slavery in the United States.

Emma Gonzalez. A student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. An American Hero. Watch This. All of it. The young people will set us free.