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The ex-Element Mystic trio and Paris Eternal are the NA Summer Showdown champions! Unbelievable series. I'm so glad I was wrong about Sp9rk1e's ability to play well with a Western core. Paris built around Element Mystic, and it finally paid off. Big congratulations.

North America and Europe’s best teams will search and destroy the competition on July 5 at 9am PT for the Call of Duty Open Series Monthly Final. Join @NAMELESS  and @LG_StuDyy  live from the front line on to set your sights on the first champions.

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This will be the last weekend without a UFC event for at least the next 8 consecutive weeks (could be more depending on the Sept. schedule) Over those 8 weeks we will have 9 UFC cards, 4 Contender Series events, 3 titles defended and 2 new champions being crowned #UFC 

The Bundesliga champions will pay an initial fee of £44.7m, with a series of performance and trophy-related add ons...💰

It's a who's who here to commemorate the 2001 World Champions. @Dbacks  'World Series Family Reunion' is available NOW on YouTube. 👉:

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Continuing our series celebrating the champions of Young Trad, 2008 winner Ewan Robertson joins Anna Massie for the latest instalment of Young Trad at 20: Where Are They Now? Tune in to #TravellingFolk  -

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Champions believe in themselves when no one else does Watch my Dare 2B GR8 Motivational Series 17 Videos one every day 17days Train Your Mind for Success. Life will test you beat you down Dare you to get back up You need more than talent You need guts.

Hard work and a positive attitude have combined superbly for both @EllenPerez95  and @MaxPurcell98  ... champions of the inaugural UTR Pro Tennis Series Sydney! 👏👏 #UTRProTennisSeries  @UniversalTennis  Read more 👉

World Rugby Sevens Series concluded with New Zealand declared men's and women's champions