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Kosovo police fired tear gas during clashes with ethnic Serbs during raids against the smuggling of goods. At least 11 people have been injured. Serbia's president says the country will protect Kosovo's Serbs if Western powers fail to do so. Full story:

At least 10 Serbs and six police officers were injured in clashes that broke out after police carried out raids on suspected smugglers in an ethnic Serb area of northern Kosovo.

Secessionist leader says Serbs will undo Bosnia state institutions

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Special police units have clashed with Serbs in the divided town of Mitrovica after Pristina ordered raids on suspected goods smugglers DETAILS:

VIDEO: Tensions soar as police clash with Serbs in north Kosovo. Several Kosovo police officers and ethnic Serbs were injured in fresh clashes in northern Kosovo in raids targeting smuggled goods, sparking fresh tensions in the already uneasy region beset by ethnic strife

#Kosova police clash with Serbs in Mitrovica in anti-smuggling operation #bne  #bneEditorsPicksE #EmergingMarketsditorsPicks

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Kosovo police clash with ethnic Serbs during smuggling raids

Video footage showed police firing tear gas as Serbs hurled stones and other objects at officers.

Serbs threw stones and other objects at officers while blocking the main road with trucks. Kosovo-Serbia relations have remained tense since Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008, despite a European Union-facilitated dialogue over the past decade. (AP)

Tensions between Kosovo and Serbia increased Wednesday after police in Kosovo clashed with ethnic Serbs during a police operation against the smuggling of goods. At least seven people were injured.


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BALKANS: Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has stated that if Serbs are endangered they will only wait 24 hours for NATO intervention before entering Kosovo. This comes after weeks of increasing tensions between the 2 nations.

A proposal to rename a Balkans reservoir Trump Lake "achieved a singularly elusive goal in this part of the world: It has united ethnic Albanians and Serbs in Kosovo. Almost everybody thinks the idea ludicrous." @ATHigginsNYT ⁩

Macgregor also said the U.S. was wrong to intervene against Serbian ethnic cleansing in Kosovo because the Serbs were "orthodox christians" and Kosovars were Muslim. Kosovo is a secular and one few places in Europe the U.S. is viewed very positively.

Serbs living close to a Chinese-owned plant complain about sky-rocketing pollution. Activists say their concerns have fallen on deaf ears in Belgrade.

Thousands of Serbs demonstrated for a second consecutive night in response to President Aleksandar Vucic’s management of the coronavirus crisis and wider concerns over the state of democracy in Serbia

The mass execution of 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys at Srebrenica 25 years ago is well documented, but many Serbs are still in denial that it was genocide, making a genuine reckoning with this mass atrocity difficult.

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Serbs have protested for a 2nd consecutive day, in Europe’s 1st major virus-related unrest The protests were prompted by a new lockdown — but they’re more about the govt negligence that led to the lockdown, & wider fears re Serbian democracy Our report

While other European countries gradually eased their lockdowns, Mr. Vucic opted for a faster process, allowing thousands of Serbs to gather at sports matches and to crowd into reopened nightclubs. "We went from one extreme to another," said an analyst.