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#Tibet , Sera Monastery. I was there at the perfect time – just after lunch an astonishing daily ritual takes place: student monks train their proficiency in… debating skills! Here is the story behind this ceremony ⇒

Devout devotees attend an event celebrating the 600th anniversary of Sera Monastery, one of the most renowned monasteries in southwest China's Tibet

Live: HHDL teaches on the 18 Great Stages of the Path (Lam Rim) Commentaries at Sera Monastery, India Dec 25 – Jan 3

HHDL’s New Year’s message in this short video clip from his teachings at Sera Jey Monastery, South India on Jan 1st.

Live Webcast: HHDL’s 78th birthday celebrations from Sera Monastery in Bylakuppe, India on July 6th at 9am IST.

An incredible experience. Our delegation was greeted by student monks at the Sera Monastery in Tibet last week.

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Our Congressional delegation met with monks at the Sera Monastery during the historic visit to Tibet last week.

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