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The U.S. military will begin its final withdrawal from Afghanistan on May 1, and it will end its 20-year-long presence in the country by Sept. 11 of this year

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Since Sept. 9, 2018, the #Rockies  have dropped 32 of 40 games against Los Angeles, including 18 of 21 at Chavez Ravine.

The move coincides with US President Joe Biden's announcement regarding the withdrawal of all foreign forces from Afghanistan before Sept 11, which could end decades of war and lead to speedy repatriation of the refugees

President Biden plans to pull out all U.S. forces from Afghanistan by Sept. 11, the anniversary of the attacks on the twin towers and the Pentagon. From the unexpected to the poignant, @AP  photographers have captured 20 years of war in Afghanistan.

Inhofe urges Biden to reconsider plan to withdraw troops from Afghanistan by Sept. 11

President Joe Biden's plan to remove all U.S. troops from Afghanistan by Sept. 11 is "a courageous decision," says @RepRoKhanna . "I'm very glad that we have a president who has finally recognized that this is not a militarily winnable war."

Sec. Blinken lands in Afghanistan for a surprise visit less than 24 hours after President Biden announced the full withdrawal of U.S. forces from the country by Sept. 11 of this year.

🇺🇸🇦🇫"It's time to end America's longest war." 🪖After two decades of conflict, #US  President Joe#Biden  announced Wednesday the unconditional withdrawal of #troops  from Afghanistan, locked for years in a bloody stalemate with the Taliban, by Sept 11. @Sharon_Gaffney  reports⤵️

Biden announced he will withdraw the 2,500 remaining U.S. troops from the war in Afghanistan by this Sept. 11.

"With troops to depart on Sept. 11, the next five months are critical for any chance of peace," writes @MichaelKugelman :


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Just left the secure room having read the classified document regarding VP Pence’s Sept 18 call w Zelensky. 1. Nothing in it is classified. It should be made part of the public record immediately. 2. Hiding evidence of wrongdoing through bogus classification is unacceptable.

White House officials believe POTUS was infected at the event for Judge Barrett on Saturday Sept 26. They will not say when POTUS last tested negative, raising questions as to whether he was tested at all between infection and the debate Tuesday Sept 29. This is important...


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#DuskTillDawn ft @Sia  • 7th Sept

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It's Monday 28 Sept. This can only mean one thing... Night 4 of @onedirection ! Show info here -

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My first game for Rovers is on wed 18th Sept in aid of @BluebellWoodCH . Tickets £7 . Go get em now ! @drfc_official 

Europe & UK, we can't wait to see you. Tickets for our stadium tour on saleeeeeee 28th Sept !!!!!!!!!!

So so excited to play for @RioFerdy5  team vs @Foundationcfc  in #Maestrio  game 7th Sept. Ahhhhhh! @Celtictickets 

Happy to be supporting a great cause tomorrow. Watch @think_it_up  live tomorrow Sept 11 at 8/7CT #thinkitup