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States are canceling COVID-19 vaccination appointments and pulling back on plans to open mass vaccination sites because they don’t have enough doses to distribute. Federal officials say they don’t know exactly how many doses the government has available to send to states.

From opinion columnist @elviadiaz1 : Mexico's president invited Vladimir Putin, not Joe Biden, to visit after Russia agreed to send COVID-19 vaccines. That could have a sinister impact on the border.

Florida has only used 'about 50%' of COVID-19 vaccine supply, White House Press Secretary claims as Gov. DeSantis urges federal government to send more doses to Florida.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot unveils plan to send more COVID-19 vaccines to Black and Latino neighborhoods

Will #India  Agree To Send #Covid-19  Vaccines To #Pakistan , If Asked? Know What #MEA  Has To Say

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said COVID-19 is putting an “extremely serious” strain on Ontario hospitals. He announced that the federal government will send two mobile health units to assist Greater Toronto Area hospitals. Take a look. Read more:

WEIGH IN: What questions do you have about the COVID-19 vaccine and rollout? Record a voice memo and send it to takeawaycaller @gmail .com and we'll put them to an expert.

Senator Risa Hontiveros said the Chinese firm Sinovac Biotech should send a representative to the Senate Committee of the Whole hearing in order to shed light on the questions of lawmakers regarding the COVID-19 vaccine it developed.

"On his first full day, [President Biden] is largely going to be focused on COVID-19," @JessicaASmith8  says. "He is really trying to send the message that his top priority in his first couple of days in office are all about the pandemic."


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Roger Stone tells @CarlHigbie  "the 'deep state' was desperate to send me to a COVID-19 infested prison despite their rules and regulations against doing so."

i have not seen a smarter, more accessible, more CRYSTAL-CLEAR explainer on COVID-19 indoor transmission. please send this to everyone you know, it’s just so damn perfect.

Please send a few prayers up for my brother who is dealing with Covid-19.

Black People in US have to fight police violence, far right and COVID-19 because of racial injustice and wealth inequality. Solidarity with black people and activists who fight in streets. PS: Don't forget to send your love to @LatuffCartoons  for his solidarity

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DHS won't even send its inspectors into detention jails anymore due to the risk posed by COVID-19. This tells us all we need to know about the safety inside these facilities. ICE must release the 23,000 people in detention during this pandemic.

Today, the average citizen is safer from Covid-19 in SG Singapore, KR South Korea or TW Taiwan than in the U.S. They also enjoy better health and send their children to better schools

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MA has the third most COVID-19 cases in the country. Our cities & counties need help. But the Fed’s lending program will only send money to cities with 1 million people or more, so Boston (and every other MA city & town) don’t qualify. This has to change.

In addition to the ventilators HHS hasn't told them to send anywhere, DOD also has more than a dozen labs that could process COVID-19 tests. They offered the labs to HHS for civilian use **more than two weeks ago**. HHS never bothered to put them to use:

An Ottawa bioscience company says that Health Canada has approved its rapid test for COVID-19, and it's ready to start shipping them across the country. Officials can use the test anywhere, without the need to send to a lab for results.

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Massachusetts has 13,837 confirmed cases of COVID-19. State officials requested 1700 ventilators from @fema . 1000 were approved a week ago. 100 arrived this past weekend. This is absurd. The MA delegation & I told FEMA: send our hospitals their equipment.