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Wisconsin state treasurer @SarahGodlewski  urges Senators to pass the American Rescue Plan Act. The bill would give $350 billion to state and local governments to keep essential workers on the job, vaccinate Americans COVID-19, and support local economies.

These senators are calling for continued financial relief through the economic recovery for American families via CNBC #news  #CNBC 

Senators push to mandate Asian American studies in Connecticut public schools amid surge of racist attacks

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If Senators like Manchin, Collins, Murkowski and Romney regularly vote against positions embraced by big majorities of the American people, why do we call them moderates? Voting to defend the Constitution from an out-of-control criminal is not enough.

Last night I joined my fellow Representatives and Senators in a moment of silence to remember the 500,000 American lives lost to COVID-19 during this terrible pandemic. We must continue working together to bring an end to this health care crisis.

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"The Honduras Human Rights and Anti-Corruption Act, sponsored by several influential Senators, would suspend certain US aid to the Central American country until corruption and human rights violations are no longer systemic & perpetrators face justice."

Pro fossil fuel senators circle on first Native American female cabinet nominee, calling her ‘divisive’

Pro fossil fuel senators circle on first Native American female cabinet nominee, calling her ‘divisive’

For the first time in America, a Native American@DAH_NM  is on track to become the next Secretary of . @interiorn '>Jo @Interiorn  us on the right side of history. Call/write your senators and tell them to . Cal #ConfirmHaaland  202-244-3121 or email:

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"News of her historic nomination electrified Indian Country. Tribal leaders and organizations for weeks have urged people to write and call U.S. senators who will decide if she’ll lead the agency that has broad oversight over Native American affairs"


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UPDATE: Republicans rejected our motion to adjourn until Monday so senators could read the bill they just introduced. RT If you think senators should have time to read a bill that affects every single American.

NOT GUILTY. Now maybe it would be nice if the senators stopped putting on show trials for free air time and actually started working for the American people for a change.

The American people chose to retire four Republican Senators and elect a Democratic majority to this Senate. Senator McConnell’s proposal for how to organize the Senate is unacceptable—and it won’t be accepted.

It is a sad and tragic day for our country that 140 members of the House of Representatives, 13 senators and a defeated president are attempting to undermine American democracy and our Constitution. They will not succeed.

With their votes to make the American president accountable to no one, Republican senators have put the interests of one president over the interests of all Americans. The only remedy now is for us all to vote in overwhelming numbers to replace them—and him—in November.

Lieutenant Colonel Vindman has proven to be an American patriot. His firing was a clear and brazen act of retaliation that showcases the President’s fear of the truth — and the vindictiveness which led Republican Senators to be accomplices to President Trump’s cover-up.

We proved our case. Republican Senators now admit Trump is guilty as charged. Still, they blocked witnesses from testifying, and deprived the American people of a full accounting of Trump’s misconduct. Senators will now render judgement – and be held accountable for it.

BREAKING: Chairman Grassley has unilaterally ruled 1/3 of the #Kavanaugh  records to be “Committee Confidential” meaning anyone not on Judiciary Committee cannot see them. That’s 79 Senators & the entire American public. It’s an unprecedented level of secrecy. #WhatAreTheyHiding ?

You cannot be acquitted if you don’t have a trial. You don’t have a trial if you don’t have witnesses and documentation. If Republican Senators choose a cover-up, the American people and history will judge it with the harshness it deserves.

Last week, every senator swore to "do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws" in the president's impeachment trial. Last night, Republican senators cast vote after vote to block evidence and testimony. The American people deserve a real trial, not a cover-up.