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Senator Rick Scott has repeatedly called on President Biden to demand the relocation of the 2022 Olympic Games out of China.

Ahead of Trump CPAC speech GOP Senator Rick Scott says Biden won election fair and square

Florida Senator Rick Scott has issued a statement ahead of the certification of Joe Biden's presidential win on Wednesday.

Joe Biden’s riff on Joni Ernst and Rick Scott in Fort Madison includes a couple extra shots at Scott, saying the Florida senator had “his own problems,” “barely got elected to the United States Senate” and is “going to have trouble hanging onto his seat.” #FLSen 

@JoeBiden  . @JoeBiden  once again brings up Joni Ernst's comments & now also Rick Scott running ads about him in Iowa: A senator from Florida sitting in Washington has decided to start running negative ads against Joe Biden just days before the Iowa caucuses. What do you think that’s about?

In Council Bluffs, Joe Biden makes fun of the Rick Scott ad buy. "God love him, as my mother would say. He's so interested, a senator from Florida, as to whether or not, I should win the Iowa caucus. I guess if I had that much money I'd spend it on whatever I could."

Biden switches to Rick Scott: "Think about that. The senator from Florida. Sitting in Washington has decided to start running negative ads about Joe Biden just days before the Iowa caucus. What do you think that’s about?"

Huh? The starting gun for 2024’: Florida senator drops Iowa bomb on Biden. Rick Scott, who’s interested in running for president himself, has purchased ads ripping Joe Biden and the impeachment trial.