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Today, @SenSherrodBrown  moved for the Senate to consider H.R. 986, the Protecting Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions Act. Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) blocked it so they could rush through Judge Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

Wisconsin senator Ron Johnson thanked the Trump Administration for its attentiveness to southwestern Wisconsin's needs after the EDA awarded two grants to help reduce flooding impact in the Badger State.

What a jerk. Makes my blood boil. Wonder how that makes the people feel in Wisconsin that support Biden? ‘Senator Ron Johnson, Republican of Wisconsin, told a Trump rally in Janesville last weekend that supporters of Mr. Biden “don’t particularly love America.”’ (NYTimes)

Asked about the evidence he'll give to the @FBI  , he said: "The evidence sits on these 3 phones. [which he placed on a chair]. I don't want to go into anything further. This will be discussed with Senator Johnson and his committee and the American people can decide what's fact "

"Senator Ron Johnson began the process of selling his company in February 2018, just months after he insisted the Trump administration change a portion of the tax law in a way that benefited the sale."

This has nothing to do with Democrat or Republican politics - the repugnant @MariaBartiromo  line of questioning to Senator Johnson and these awful remarks by Senator Perdue are shocking to my senses and to the majority of Americans.

WTF? Maria B and Ron Johnson are out of their collective fucking minds. Is this what the Republican Party - the grand old party - has turned into? She should be kicked off the air and Senator Johnson should receive a Senate censure, at the least, for making these accusations.

You mean Ron Johnson, perennial contender for stupidest Senator in the US of A?


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"... as a registered Independent for years now with centrist ideologies, I do feel that Vice President Biden and Senator Harris are the best choice to lead our country," said Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, adding that he has voted for both parties in the past

BREAKING: Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin has tested positive for #COVID19 , becoming the 3rd Republican Senator to have a positive diagnosis in 24 hours

Sen. Ron Johnson has tested POSITIVE for COVID. He is 3rd senator to do so but was not at WH SCOTUS event. He was in quarantine until 9/29 after being exposed to someone who tested positive & came to DC. He was then exposed a second time to another person who tested positive.

Senator Ron Johnson has tested positive for COVID, his office says.

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Ron Johnson, the third GOP senator to test positive. If the three - Tillis, Johnson and Lee - remain out this month, it would effectively prevent Barrett from being confirmed until they return, which could be a lame-duck session. (Collins and Murkowski are expected no votes)

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Republicans...serious questions need to be raised about Mitch McConnell and his actions in regards to unmasking and the FBI. Sources tell me he did everything he could to make it almost impossible for Senator Johnson’s committee. Everything was pushed to Graham.

Among the Republicans who warned the White House was Senator Susan Collins of Maine, who after voting to acquit Mr. Trump said she thought he had learned a lesson. Others included Senators Thom Tillis of NC, Martha McSally of Arizona and Ron Johnson of Wis

Richard Russell, former Georgia Senator for whom the Russell Senate office building is named, was a fierce opponent of civil rights legislation. He frequently clashed with LBJ during Johnson’s push for new civil rights laws in the 1960’s.