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Senator Bernie Sanders condemns 'starvation wages,' questioning why should the taxpayers of the country be subsidizing some of the largest and most profitable corporations

During a Congressional hearing on raising the federal minimum wage, Senator Bernie Sanders questioned why should taxpayers 'be subsidizing the starvation wages' being paid at some of the largest and most profitable corporations

With the debate over raising the federal minimum wage heating up, Senator Bernie Sanders is putting the spotlight on some of the nation’s largest employers and their pay practices in a hearing on Capitol Hill on Thursday.

Bernie Sanders Says 'Not One' GOP Senator Supports $15 Minimum Wage: We Only Get It Done Through Reconciliation or Ending Filibuster

The U.S. Senate, 92-7, voted to confirm Tom Vilsack to be Secretary of Agriculture. Sen. Bernie Sanders was the lone senator who caucuses w/ Dems to vote "no"

'BRRR-NIE' ⛄🧤 A family in East Earl, Pennsylvania, made the most of a recent cold snap when they built a Bernie Sanders snowman in their front yard! The snowman was inspired by the viral image of the senator from Inauguration Day.

A spokesman for Bernie Sanders says he believes that the senator will back Tanden's nomination, but that he has not said so definitively............ From last week: Neera Tanden Grilled Again Over Statements, This Time by Bernie Sanders

WATCH Bernie Sanders responds after GOP Senator's joke about him being called an "ignorant slut"

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Michael van der Veen, one of the lawyers defending Donald Trump at his impeachment trial, appeared to be annoyed with a question posed by Senator Bernie Sanders, who asked if he agreed with Trump's false claims of widespread election fraud

Senator says Biden's budget chief pick called Bernie Sanders 'everything but an ignorant slut'


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Those wool mittens that Sen. Bernie Sanders wore to the inauguration helped raise $1.8 million for charities in the senator's home state of Vermont.

@Ocasio2018  . nominates Senator Bernie Sanders for president of the United States 'out of the love for all people'

They are rigging the election again against Bernie Sanders, just like last time, only even more obviously. They are bringing him out of so important Iowa in order that, as a Senator, he sit through the Impeachment Hoax Trial. Crazy Nancy thereby gives the strong edge to Sleepy...

I am joining Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tomorrow to officially & publicly endorse a true hero of the people, Senator Bernie Sanders, as our next President of the United States! I will speak tomorrow for him at his “Bernie Is Back!” rally at 1pm in Queensbridge Park in NYC. Join us!

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BREAKING: Bernie Sanders wins the New Hampshire Democratic primary, giving the Vermont senator significant momentum heading into Nevada and South Carolina.

In 2016, the Democrat Party establishment used superdelegates to take Senator Bernie Sanders out. Now, they've been sidelining him and the other Senators running with an impeachment trial, days before Iowa and New Hampshire. Different frontrunner, same rigged process.

OK. I hereby move to disqualify Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders & every other Dem Senator who’s publicly advocated Trump’s impeachment for the last 3 years (long before Ukraine).

"I am so proud to endorse Senator Bernie Sanders for president. Senator Bernie Sanders is the only candidate that has built a movement and continues to build a movement that transcends gender, ethnicity, religion." - @IlhanMN 

It's no surprise that far-left Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Illhan Omar support Senator Bernie Sanders for President. Their agendas align: spend taxpayer dollars & have the government take control over every aspect of American life.

Bernie Sanders and an aide brush back questions about Mueller indictments of the Russians - and how they allegedly helped his campaign. One of his aides stepped in front of me to shield the senator and prevent me from asking questions. Aide bumped into me, saying “Not right now.”