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Senator Richard Gordon, who is considering running for president in 2022, said he is looking for a vice presidential running mate for the coming elections. | @CMRamosINQ 

🎉San Antonio’s favorite citywide celebration has officially made its return! @KSAT_Tiffany   Post sponsored by @CarabinShaw  

Former President Arroyo had lunch with Reps. Martin Romualdez and Mikey Arroyo and Senator Imee and former Senator Bongbong Marcos at her La Vista Residence last Monday. (📸: Aj_Violago/IG) | via @1rgcruz 

Vice President Leni Robredo took another hit on Monday, June 14, as potential presidential bet Senator Panfilo praised her "good heart" but swiftly quipped it was not enough to make a good president. #PHVote  #WeDecide 

@1rgcruz  Romualdez: Yes, GMA tended a lunch for Senator Imee Marcos and former Senator Bongbong Marcos at her residence sa La Vista po. | via @1rgcruz 

The City of San Antonio will lease a downtown hotel to use as a low-barrier shelter for people experiencing chronic homelessness.

The philanthropic efforts of "Forrest Gump" and "Apollo 13" actor Gary Sinise helped the family of a wounded San Antonio veteran into a more accessible home this week. Here's how the effort began.

Can technology in cars sense a drunk driver? An NM senator is backing a bill requiring new cars to have DWI technology.

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly has appointed a former railway executive, a former state senator and an educator to the board that governs the state’s six universities.

U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday rejected a compromise proposal from Democratic Senator Joe Manchin on voting rights legislation.


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"U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz lied to Americans about widespread voter fraud that never existed," the Editorial Board writes. "He should resign and deliver Texans from the shame of calling him our senator."

How far is Joe Biden going to stop the American people from seeing inside the Donna CBP facility? Biden sent a political operative from DC to block our cameras and even threatened another senator to obstruct legitimate congressional oversight.

The American people chose to retire four Republican Senators and elect a Democratic majority to this Senate. Senator McConnell’s proposal for how to organize the Senate is unacceptable—and it won’t be accepted.

Yes, remember that the United States Constitution says that “no Person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress” who “shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against" the Constitution, “or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof."

Wow! Twitter bans highly respected Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano after he did a great job of leading a hearing on the 2020 Election fraud. They and the Fake News, working together, want to SILENCE THE TRUTH. Can’t let that happen. This is what Communist countries do!

Very sadly for our Nation, it looks like Senator@JimInhofe  will not be putting the Section 230 termination clause into the Defense Bill. So bad for our National Security and Election Integrity. Last chance to ever get it done. I will VETO!

PROUD of him? He’s accused of breaking into a sleeping woman’s house, sexually assaulting her, humiliating her & later returning to harass her. Then the cops she called for help say he resisted arrest, assaulted them & went for his knife. How about a word for his victim, Senator?

The thugs who accosted Senator@RandPaul  and his wonderful wife, Kelly, together with those who made threats to many other people who had just attended the Republican National Convention at the White House, must be sought out and immediately arrested. Well documented evidence!

I’ve known Senator@KamalaHarris  for a long time. She is more than prepared for the job. She’s spent her career defending our Constitution and fighting for folks who need a fair shake. This is a good day for our country. Now let’s go win this thing.

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If I were a Senator or Congressman, the first person I would call to testify about the biggest political crime and scandal in the history of the USA, by FAR, is former President Obama. He knew EVERYTHING. Do it @LindseyGrahamSC , just do it. No more Mr. Nice Guy. No more talk!