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McConnell announces on flr Senate-wide briefing on foreign efforts to influence election. Similar briefings for Hse last wk.

Pelosi/Schumer/Schiff/Warner write to FBI Dir Wray. Ask for Hse/Senate-wide briefing on foreign efforts to interfere in 2020 presidential election. "We are gravely concerned, in particular, that Congress appears to be the target of a concerted foreign interference campaign."

Chairman @MikeCrapo  will coordinate Senate-wide oversight of the historic CARES Act, and I am appointing @SenToomey  to the five-member Congressional Oversight Commission. I am grateful that these expert leaders are stepping up.

Closed door, Senate-wide briefing underway now on coronavirus

Senate-wide briefing this morning by the administration on coronavirus

Senate-wide briefing on election security planned on March 10

Separate, classified House-wide & Senate-wide briefings today on Iran/Iraq & Soleimani strike. Briefers are Esper, Milley, Pompeo & Haspel

Expect Iran/Iraq briefings today for key lawmakers. Bigger House-wide/Senate-wide briefings come tomorrow

Senate-wide briefing starting now on Syria & al-Bagdadhi raid. Briefers are Esper, Milley, acting DNI Maguire

In addition to Senate-wide briefing on Syria/al-Baghdadi raid, House receives similar briefing in early afternoon. Brifers include Jt Chfs Chair Milley, DefSec Esper, Acting DNI McGuire, Special Representative for Syria Jeffrey


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Senate-wide briefing today on al-Baghdadi raid

Senate-wide briefing on Iran on Tuesday. Unclear who the briefers may be

From colleague Mike Emanuel. Senate-wide briefing set for Wed w/Secs Mattis & Pompeo. Expect Yemen & Saudi Arabia to be key part of mtg along w/Khashoggi murder. Russia could be discussed too after what happened in Ukraine. Hse has asked for briefing. But nothing scheduled yet

DHS Sec Nielsen/FBI Dir Wray to deliver Senate-wide briefing Wednesday afternoon to senators about election security

Fox has learned that Defense Secretary James Mattis and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Joe Dunford will lead a Senate-wide briefing on Syria tomorrow at 4:30 pm et.

Defense Secretary James Mattis will appear before a Senate-wide briefing on ISIS this Wednesday at 3 pm et