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Claims of election fraud by President Trump and his legal advisers are tripping up Republicans in Georgia’s U.S. Senate runoffs and stoking fears that the GOP majority in the upper chamber could be put at risk. #TWTFrontPage 

The winner of Georgia's two runoff races for U.S. Senate will decide what party controls the chamber. Democrats need both to have control, Republicans can split. Here's where the race stands right now

@ReverendWarnock 's ties to radical theologians, including Rev. Jeremiah Wright, now threaten to complicate his candidacy in a hotly contested Senate race that could tip the balance of the upper chamber.

Three top ethics experts and prominent critics of President Trump formally requested the Senate Ethics Committee investigate whether Sen. Lindsey Graham violated the chamber's rules in his probe over how mail-in voting was conducted in the 2020 election

So the argument here is that they orchestrated a massive multi-state conspiracy -- that involved losing seats in the House, possibly falling short of winning the Senate and not taking over a single new state legislative chamber?

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17) A sign of tension over the pandemic exploded on the Senate floor Monday night. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) verbally tangled with Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-AK) over wearing a mask while in the chamber.

Longtime Iron Range Sens. Tom Bakk and David Tomassoni are breaking from the Senate DFL and forming their own independent caucus in a closely divided legislative chamber. Now, it’ll be 34 Republicans, 31 DFLers and the two independents.

The Senate GOP failed to secure the votes to advance President Trump's controversial Federal Reserve Board nominee Judy Shelton after key members were absent from the chamber.

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The Senate GOP failed to secure the votes to advance President Trump's controversial Federal Reserve Board nominee Judy Shelton after key members were absent from the chamber.

Grassley, 87, who is both president pro tempore and the most senior Republican in the chamber, said he will continue governing remotely from home, breaking a 27-year streak of not missing a single Senate vote.


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Pelosi says Biden has a “huge mandate.” Really? Dems lost seats when supposed to gain them in her chamber, d/n/gain control of Senate, saw DT win more votes than ever with minority groups, & did not see the promised Blue Wave. Truth will prevail in Jan. when gridlock settles in.

‘This body, this chamber, exists precisely so that we can look past daily dramas and understand how our actions will reverberate for generations. The House’s hour is over. The Senate’s time is at hand. It is time for this proud body to honor our founding purpose.’

With our country facing a pandemic, an historic economic disruption, and a major discussion of racial justice, Speaker Pelosi has mostly kept her chamber on the longest-running spring break in human history. Over here, in the Senate, we are attending to the needs of the nation.

The House votes to make Washington, DC, a state, marking the first time either chamber of Congress has advanced a DC statehood measure. The Senate is unlikely to follow suit.

Just counted 21 empty seats on the GOP side of the Senate, 2 on the Dem side, a couple hours into Schiff's presentation. Some are just stretching their legs, but most are not in the chamber. Some of them have been out of there for a while.

The Framers knew that overheated House majorities might impeach on purely partisan grounds. But they knew that short-term passions could not get the final say. So they placed the ultimate judgment not in the fractious lower chamber, but in the sober and stable Senate.

As Schiff hits 2-hour mark, more than a dozen GOP senators have left Senate chamber & are in cloakroom. All Dems, I believe, remain in the chamber. Sen. Bennet gestures w his hand as if to say, what's with that? Rules require senators to be at their desks for entirety of trial.

Sen. Lindsey Graham has spent considerably more time absent from the Senate chamber tonight than sitting in his seat. After leaving the floor for about 30 minutes, he returned for about 10 minutes and promptly left again — this time to the Republican cloak room. @jeffzeleny 

This is a move to take over the Mueller probe, aimed at quashing accountability. And it just so happens to occur hours after Democrats take one chamber of Congress. The House and Senate should pass a law NOW to protect this investigation.

Headed back to SF and a very kind Boston passenger asks, “excuse me, are you a senator?” “No, ma’am, you’re demoting me. I’m a part of the chamber that’s going to fix things.” *With MUCH love to my Dem Senate colleagues.