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Dem VA Sen Mark Warner says the current amendment is likely the last amendment they will consider. Applause and cheering erupts in the chamber

“I think, [it’s] a bit of an overabundance of caution. At least I’m hopeful,” Sen. Mark Warner says on the FBI warning about a threat of a possible attack on the US Capitol on March 4.

“I think, [it’s] a bit of an overabundance of caution. At least I’m hopeful,” Sen. Mark Warner says on the FBI warning about a threat of a possible attack on the US Capitol on March 4.

MINIMUM WAGE: Sen. Mark Warner called for an increase in the federal minimum wage.

MINIMUM WAGE: Sen. Mark Warner calls for an increase in the federal minimum wage.

Sen. Mark Warner called the hacking campaign on SolarWinds: “a level of attack and level of penetration that is much greater than what we have seen." The Senate Intelligence Committee convenes for the first public hearing on the attack Tuesday

in answer to Sen. Gillibrand. Open session of nomination hearing concludes with Mark Warner noting few candidates come before their committee with bipartisan endorsements of the likes of James Baker and Leon Panetta. Seems clear Burns will be confirmed w/ big bipartisan #s  .

Sen. Mark Warner told leaders of Metro and the Virginia Railway Express to “think big” about how they could use federal funding in an infrastructure package.

"There’ve been some times I’d visit and I’d come out of the meeting and I felt like my head was exploding.” That’s how U.S. Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) summarized previous trips to the Hampton Veterans Affairs Medical Center. This time, he was more upbeat.

As Richmond looks to build a slave museum and memorial campus in Shockoe Bottom, Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va, said Tuesday that federal funding could soon be available to help.


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Sen. Mark Warner, top Dem on Senate Intel, on Russian cyberhack: “It is extremely troubling that the President does not appear to be acknowledging, much less acting upon, the gravity of this situation.”

Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia called for Attorney General William Barr's resignation on Tuesday, saying Barr is "unfit for office" after the attorney general reportedly ordered peaceful protesters to be cleared from near the White House earlier this week

Sen. Mark Warner again tries to quickly pass his election security bill known as the FIRE Act, which would require presidential campaigns to report offers of foreign assistance. Sen. Blackburn objected.

#BREAKING Exclusive: Sen. Mark Warner says Russian election attacks were 'much broader' than NSA document shows

Sen. Mark Warner told me that news that John Ratcliffe apparently padded his resume raises “enormous red flags” and that he is “absolutely” concerned. He also called on Trump to name Sue Gordon as acting DNI, warning that there would be “broad bipartisan pushback” if he doesn’t

“Absolutely not,” Sen. Mark Warner tells me about whether he’s ever been told that there was spying on the Trump campaign. Barr “almost seems to be endorsing one of these theories that has been debunked time and time again,” Warner said, calling it “disrespectul” to DOJ employees

Democratic Sen. Mark Warner texted with Russian oligarch lobbyist in effort to contact dossier author Christopher Steele#FoxNews 

We used to say: Trust, but verify The new mantra in our Internet age should be: Verify, then trust. Sen. Mark Warner talked about phenomena like this on this morning:

Sen. Mark Warner on the Russia probe: We’re approaching a time where we have to remove our Democrat and Republican credentials; “History is going to judge how all of us act at this moment"

NEWS: Sen. Schumer says he agrees with Sen. Mark Warner - Dems should refuse to vote on an FBI director until a special prosecutor is named.