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The silence of congressional Republican leaders as Trump’s unfounded claims of election fraud grow wilder and more venomous increasingly resembles the party’s deference to GOP Sen. Joe McCarthy in the early 1950s, Ronald Brownstein writes. | Analysis

History has not been kind to those who peddle baseless fruitcake conspiracy theories to build their audiences but divide America (Charles Coughlin in the 1930s; Sen. Joe McCarthy in the 1950s; Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity now).

2/ And, if it’s not obvious, Halberstam was writing about Sen. Joe McCarthy. On the next page, and also of contemporary relevance:

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Donald Trump has learned from 70 years of conservative efforts to capitalize on fear and smear liberals as weak and effeminate. The Trump family's lawyer Roy Cohn worked for Sen. Joe McCarthy. My 2017 take for @nytimes . #debates2020 

TODAY: We talk about Sen. Joe McCarthy and his anti-Communist and anti-gay crusades in the 1950s. @LarryTye 's new book, which draws parallels to President Trump, is 'Demagogue.'

Red-baiting is most often associated with McCarthyism, and Sen. Joe McCarthy. It’s was a sad and scary time in American history in which anything progressive was dubbed “communist”. Reputations ruined, lives ruined, people exiled and blacklisted. Let’s not go back there.

If Sanders wins the nomination, “Never Trumper” neocons should run Sen. Joe McCarthy as a third party candidate.

On this day in 1950 before the Ohio County Republican Women's Club in Wheeling, WV, Sen. Joe McCarthy, R-WI, claimed he had "here in my hand a list of 205 (State Dept employees) that were known to the Secretary of State as being members of the Communist Party..."

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The Senate Historical Office identifies Joseph Welch, the Army lawyer who called out U.S. Sen Joe McCarthy, as a Boston lawyer. But he was born in Iowa, as @amyklobuchar  pointed out at #DemDebate .

@RepKevinBrady  notes he spoke on impeachment "21 years ago this week." "In this, sadly, history will not treat Democrats well. They’ll be forever remembered as the Sen. Joe mcCarthy’s of our time." Says "[Trump's] legacy won’t be stained, Democrats’ will."


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Tail-gunner Joe McCarthy is alive! He's reincarnated in the body of Sen. Mazie Hirono who is so vile and hateful that she actually makes McCarthy look like Mr. Rogers in a cardigan sweater! I'm stunned by the level of bitterness toward these people have.

Senate Dems have appropriated the ghost of Sen. Joe McCarthy and one wonders which Senator will be first to announce "I have a list!" If reckless, last minute and uncorroborated smears are the Dems new normal, we don't have a Constitution--we will have shredded it.

Trump calls on Sen. Tester to resign over release of allegations against White House doctor and then makes vague claim of info on #JonTester . #SenatorTester  is a class act and as down to earth as anyone in politics #Trump  is Joe McCarthy-like ala Roy Cohn

In February 1954, RNC chair Leonard Hall, on , declared Sen. Joe MCCARTHY, R-WI, an “asset” to the party. When asked if the RNC by paying McCarthy’s expenses was endorsing his treason theme, Hall replied, “That’s right.” — Nichols, pp 131-132, “Ike and McCarthy”

Two disgusting pages on how Sen. Joe McCarthy invented McCarthyism, and how America let him get away with it.