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Sen. Cotton slams Dem court-packing plan: 'Illegitimate attack on the foundational principles of this country' #courtpacking 

Here's the entire bill text for Sen. Markey's bill to add 4 seats to the Supreme Court. He's unveiling his bill on the steps of the Supreme Court this morning, along with Dem Reps. Nadler, Hank Johnson and Mondaire Jones.

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Rep. Pramila Jayapal is raising money off of Dem Sen. Kyrsten Sinema working with GOP Sen. Mitt Romney on a minimum wage bill.

Big day tomorrow for progressive advocates of court reform. Sen. Markey and Reps. Nadler, Hank Johnson and Mondaire Jones are introducing a bill to add 4 seats to the Supreme Court. It's not likely to get very far, even in this Dem-led Congress, but still puts a marker down.

From colleague Kelly Phares. Dem MN Sen Klobuchar: “I am focused on Daunte's family and making sure justice is served"

Dem VA Sen Kaine on Dem MI Rep Tlaib tweeting that policing "can't be reformed." Kaine says "I am not in the camp that says..we should disrespect police, we should reform police where police are necessary."

1) Dem CO Sen Bennet: In Colorado, we welcome the opportunity to compare our elections to other states. Unlike anti-democratic politicians in Georgia, Colorado legislators came together in a bipartisan way to make it easier for people to register..

Dem WV Sen Manchin/Dem TX Rep Cuellar to take helicopter/boat tour today to study border issues

1) Dem GA Sen Ossoff on MLB yanking All-Star Game from GA: The leadership of Georgia’s Republican Party is out of control and Georgia is hemorrhaging business and jobs because of their disastrous new Jim Crow voting law.

A) Dem GA Sen Warnock: Folks keep asking what we are going to do about the filibuster. I think they ought to ask my colleagues on the other side of the aisle, what are they going to do about voting rights?..The most fundamental question is where do you stand on voting rights?


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Sen. Wyden becomes second Dem to call on Cruz and Hawley to resign. “There must be consequences for senators who would foment a violent mob for personal gain. I call on Senators Hawley and Cruz to resign and accept the responsibility which they so clearly bear.”

Dems claiming Toomey blowing up talks Dem aide: "An agreement was in sight to deliver aid to the American people until Sen. Toomey and Republicans inserted an 11th hour purely political, unrelated provision to tie Biden’s hands and risk throwing the economy into a tailspin ...

NEW: Sen. Feinstein loses the support of abortion rights group NARAL, says the top Dem on Judiciary "offered an appearance of credibility to the proceedings that is wildly out of step with the American people. As such, we believe the committee needs new leadership."

Fox has learned that Senate doxing suspect Jackson Kosko also worked or interned yrs ago w/Dem CA Sen Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Had also worked for Dem Sens Boxer/Hassan & interned up until now w/Dem TX Rep Jackson Lee

On Fox, GOP LA Sen Kennedy says Dem VP nominee Harris is like Ocasio-Cortez but “without the bartending experience.”

Sen Patrick Leahy, ranking Dem on Approps: “Withholding funds for WHO in the midst of the worst pandemic in a century makes as much sense as cutting off ammunition to an ally as the enemy closes in. This White House knows that it grossly mishandled this crisis from the beginning”

Fox has learned that Jackson Cosko, charged by USCP w/allegedly doxing senator(s), had worked w/Dem TX Rep Sheila Jackson Lee, fmr Dem CA Sen Barbara Boxer & current Dem NH Sen Maggie Hassan.

BREAKING: Dem Sen. Heitkamp of North Dakota, fighting for re-election, tells TV station she will vote against Kavanaugh.

Dem Sen. Richard Blumenthal: "If Donald Trump Jr. defies the subpoena, he ought to be jailed. Very simply. He has no privilege. ... He may be the president's son, but he is not above the law."

Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, a key Dem swing vote, says this just now when I asked if she has seen any red flags on Brett Kavanaugh: “Not that I’ve seen so far ... But I’m still reviewing the record.”