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Selzer-Ornst Construction Co. owner Matthew Tadisch is stepping into the shoes of long-time colleague Bob Lemke to become one of the owners of housing developer Wisconsin Redevelopment.​

Molson Coors to manufacture, market and distribute @CocaColaCo 's @TopoChicoUSA  selzer'>Hard Selzer, the brewer announced just now.

"These data say issues are now a matter of allegiance — whether to party or to president," said pollster J. selzer'>Ann Selzer. #IowaPoll 

new Des Moines Register/Selzer likely-voter poll of Iowa: Trump 47% Biden 47%

pretty sure selzer'>Ann Selzer has one waiting to drop imminently

New Iowa poll coming Sunday Not sure if anyone has pointed this out before, but Selzer & Co are considered to be the gold standard of polling the state

CNN just out with Biden +8, which gives us a pretty good consensus among live-caller telephone polls. IBD/TIPP: Biden +8 CNN: Biden +8 Quinnipiac: Biden +10 Suffolk: Biden +5/+7 (with/without third parties) Selzer & Co.: Biden +8

4 high-quality, post-convention polls today: Suffolk: Biden +7 Selzer: Biden +8 Quinnipiac: Biden +10 Monmouth: Biden +4 in PA 3 of them are narrower from earlier this summer, but all 4 very much in line with pre-convention poll averages.


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We are *finally* getting at least one live-caller national poll tomorrow... Selzer & Co./Grinnell College. Most likely a couple more before the end of the week, although others may wait until after Labor Day. Selzer & Co. is A+ rated and had the race at Biden +4 in March.

Trump by 1 in the DMR/Selzer poll of Iowa. That's a 9 point worse for Trump than their last poll, but better than I would have guessed after they found Ernst trailing and Dems up on the generic ballot

#BREAKING : The Des Moines Register, CNN and Selzer & Co. have decided note to release the final installment of th #IowaPoll  as planned this evening.

The spiked selzer'>Ann Selzer poll: Sanders 22% Warren 18% Buttigieg 16% Biden 13% Actual first alignment results (62% reporting): Sanders 24% Buttigieg 21% Warren 19% Biden 15% A little low on Buttigieg but for a caucus poll, that's *really* good.

The Des Moines Register, CNN and Selzer & Co. have made the decision to not release the final installment of the CNN/Des Moines Register/Mediacom poll as planned this evening. A note from our editor:

Live interview natl polls Average: C+8.7 Atl./PRRI: C+15 ABC: C+12 Mon.: C+12 NBCWSJ: C+10 CBS: C+9 Selzer C+9 Bg C+8 Fox C+7 Q C+7 IBD T+2

Clinton up 54-36 over Trump in Selzer/Bloomberg poll. Yikes