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Fujii wins 3rd major shogi title, youngest to hold 3

Fujii wins 3rd major shogi title, youngest to hold 3

MEAT PRICES ON THE RISE: Shoppers are paying more, and now the White House is taking aim at the big meat companies. ABC’s Andrea Fujii has the details.

FINAL FLIGHT OUT OF KABUL: A new image has emerged of the final U.S. soldier to leave Afghanistan. The concern now is for the 100 to 200 American civilians left behind. ABC's Andrea Fujii reports.

AFGHANISTAN DEADLINE LOOMING: America’s longest war is quickly coming to an official end, as the deadline to withdraw troops from the country is less than 24 away. This as several rockets are fired near the airport in Kabul. ABC’s Andrea Fujii reports.

Fireworks explode during the opening ceremony on July 23. (Photo by Kai Fujii) #TokyoOlympics  #Olympics  #Tokyo2020  #COVID19 

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MASSIVE INTERNET OUTAGE: Websites for major companies like Amazon and McDonald’s were briefly down Thursday due to a software bug. ABC’s Andrea Fujii speaks with cyber-security expert and cofounder Scott Spiro about why this is part of a troubling trend.

WATER PARK TRAGEDY: A 14-year-old girl drowned and was under the water for 30 minutes before she was found. ABC’s Andrea Fujii has more.

Meet Yuko Fujii, a 38-year-old woman who hails from Aichi Prefecture and is the head coach of the Brazilian men’s judo team at the Tokyo Olympics.

COVID’S COMEBACK STIRS CONCERN: Daily COVID infections have risen 145% since earlier this month, causing the American Academy of Pediatrics to contradict CDC guidelines and call for students to wear masks when schools reopen. ABC's Andrea Fujii reports.


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Teenage shogi sensation Sota Fujii ascended to the highest rank of ninth dan on Saturday, becoming the youngest professional player to achieve the feat.

Satoko Fujii is arguably the most prolific pianist in jazz — if also among the most underrecognized.

Mark Ramseyer is repeating a highly partisan narrative by blaming the Asahi for Yoshida Seiji. All newspapers, including the Sankei and Yomiuri, reported Yoshida's claims at the time. Nor was Yoshida was the sole source of articles on the comfort women.

“The messaging really matters.” Dr Seiji Hayashi of @MarysCenter  tells “Checks and Balance” that clarity from the Biden administration is helping reduce vaccine hesitancy

CALLS FOR JUSTICE: Kenyon Harrold and his supporters are calling for criminal charges against a woman who falsely accused his teenage son of stealing her misplaced phone in an incident they claim was racially motivated. ABC’s Andrea Fujii reports.

Japan's contribution to achieve #genderequity  through sports This film introduces Ms.Fujii Yuko, Head Coach of the Brazilian Men’s National#Judo  Team and "LADIES FIRST Track and Field Meet" in Tanzania, co-sponsored by JICA and the Government of Tanzania.

Sota Fujii becomes youngest shogi player with two major titles

ESA/Hubble#Flashback : This back-yard view of the constellation Cassiopeia shows the centre bar of the Milky Way Galaxy running through the middle of the constellation and the image. Credit: A. Fujii

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#MeetTheChangemakers : FUJII Yuko is spreading judo's spirit in Brazil for both its national teams & its underprivileged communities - now she heads the men's national team as its first female and foreigner. Here's her story: #WeAreTomodachi  #Tokyo2020