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#IRS and the Security Summit partners warned #TaxPros  of a new scam email that impersonates #IRS  and attempts to steal Electronic Filing Identification Numbers (EFINs). #TaxSecurity 

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Terrible scenes in Myanmar. Targeting your own people with lethal force for simply exercising their right to peaceful protest is unacceptable. The ongoing violence and the intimidation must end. The UK GB & partners will be convening @UN  Security Council on Friday

The US needs partners to tackle the security risks of climate change @MiningMetalsWEF  @busbyj2  @MBazilian  @FlorianKrampe 

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I have secured Adjournement Debate next Wednesday in Commons on #NordStream2  pipeline. Britain must show leadership on our continent when a fellow @NATO  partner acts in such an irresponsible selfish way putting the security of other NATO partners at risk. GB

#IRS and the Security Summit partners issue an urgent alert to #TaxPros  → Beware of EFIN scams: #TaxSecurity 

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Former US President Donald Trump is "not going away" and is going to remain "a thorn in the side" of US politics for years to come, says Bondi Partners National SecurityAdviser Mark Watson.

The Trudeau government says the Public Health Agency is working with hotel partners to address food and accommodation issues at quarantine hotels. There are increasing complaints about a lack of food, lack of security, people leaving rooms and confusion among hotel staff #cdnpoli 

With airstrikes in Syria, the world got a glimpse of how President Biden is likely to approach one of the greatest security concerns of U.S. partners in the Middle East: a network of militias backed by Iran.

Faith-based, community, and nonprofit partners across #Ohio  who need federal assistance for increased security can join these webinars to learn about the program and how to apply:

Congratulations to @LindaT_G  on being confirmed today as the 31st @USAmbUN ! We look forward to welcoming her to USUN and leading our work, alongside our allies and partners, toward peace and security for all. America is back!


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As President of the @UN  Security Council we brought forward an emergency meeting on Myanmar to fast-track necessary discussions on what should be done. We continue to work with international partners to ensure a peaceful return to democracy for the people of Myanmar. (1/2)

After the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency released a joint statement with election security partners saying the 2020 presidential election was “the most secure in American history,” President Trump fired Chris Krebs in a tweet.

@SecPompeo  to the Prague 5G Security Conference: "The United States is committed to collaborating with like minded countries to deny malign actors such as the Chinese Communist Party access to our nations’ sensitive data." We call on our partners to join the Clean Network.

LR @RepMcCaul : “Huawei making threats for the #ChineseCommunistParty  is further evidence that the company is not private, but is controlled by the CCP. Ending reliance on #Huawei  tech & sales is critical to the security of the US & our partners." #nahwei 

#SOUTHCOM ’s Adm. Faller: “There will be an increase in US military presence in the hemisphere later this year. This will include an enhanced presence of ships, aircraft, & security forces to reassure our partners… & counter a range of threats to include illicit narco-terrorism.”

New: In weeks before the Syria decision, national security adviser John Bolton instructed senior officials to meet directly with coalition partners and assure them the US is “staying in Syria until Iran is out of Syria,” two sources tell CNN. 1/

By abruptly pulling troops out of northern Syria, President Trump: —Betrayed & deserted our partners and allies —Created a security vacuum that our longest standing adversaries like Iran, Putin, and Assad are exploiting

In times of conflict and in times of peace, Canada & France are partners, allies & the closest of friends. Thank you for your welcome, and for a great discussion about job creation, economic growth that benefits everyone, trade, security, & gender equality. ????

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Alliances with our partners remains a crucial element in maintaining global security in order to deter, defend, and win against our adversaries. #NavyLethality  #Partnerships  #SeaBreeze