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Congrats to Janet Yellen. If she's half the Treasury Secretary that Mnuchin was, we'll be ok. Mnuchin's ability to get a deal done in March, as well as helping create the Paycheck Protection Program, saved countless jobs and businesses. @stevenmnuchin1  @JanetYellen 

In a letter to Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and Secretary of State Pompeo, Senator Wyden asked why it took the outgoing administration so long to punish Andrii Telizhenko

In 2016, then-Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew decided to make Harriet Tubman the new face of the $20 bill. Then, in 2019, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced a reversal to that decision.

Geithner was confirmed as Treasury Secretary on Jan 26 2009 in a 60 to 34 vote. Mnuchin was confirmed Feb 13 2017 in a 53 to 47 vote. Yellen is set to be confirmed this afternoon by a wide margin after clearing the Finance Committee unanimously last week.

Yellen readies big changes for Treasury: From financial regulation to minority lending, Biden’s pick is poised to change course sharply from the policies of Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

It’s funny how even Yellen reads from a script when asked about the dollar. As Mnuchin learned, this is the one thing where Treasury Secretary’s are expected to stay EXACTLY on message.

As Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen is expected to reinstate financial regulations waived by her predecessor Mnuchin, and push aggressively for big fiscal stimulus.

Just in: Senate Finance Committee will hold a confirmation hearing on January 19 for Janet Yellen, Biden’s Treasury Secretary nominee. This key hearing is occurring before the inauguration, similar to what occurred with Steven Mnuchin

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I applaud the Supreme Court for granting certiorari to petitions from secretary mnuchin'>Treasury Secretary Mnuchin & AK Native Corporations (ANCs) challenging the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision that stated ANCs are not eligible for the CRF tribal set-aside w/in Title V of the CARES Act.

Trump did not check on Pence during the siege and they have not spoken since; two Cabinet secretaries have resigned; and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has cut short his overseas trip to facilitate the transition to the Biden administration.


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For months & months, Pres Trump checked out of the COVID relief package negotiations leaving it to secretary mnuchin'>Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and WH Chief of Staff Mark Meadows to negotiate while Trump spread election disinformation. Now, he wants blow up the bill and is risking a govt shutdown.

"We're working on mass distribution of the virus," secretary mnuchin'>Treasury Secretary Mnuchin tells CNBC, presumably meaning the vaccine.

Let’s be clear: Secretary Mnuchin is part of the most corrupt administration in history riddled with conflicts, cronyism, & incompetence. It’s absurd that he believes he should hand out more than $500 billion of taxpayers funds in secret.

secretary mnuchin'>Treasury Secretary Mnuchin urges governors to reopen states to prevent ‘permanent’ economic damage

last fall: secretary mnuchin'>Treasury Secretary Mnuchin says “Not only will this tax plan pay for itself but it will pay down debt,” boosting revenue/cutting deficits through growth, reduced corporate tax avoidance this fall: Treasury reports 2018 deficit up 17%, corporate tax payments down 31%

After I requested an investigation, finally released its "analysis" of the . This one #GOPTaxScampage  report is pathetic – and shows Secretary Mnuchin has no basis for claiming that the tax plan "will pay for itself with growth."

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