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🙌 “Maybe in 10 years, it would be great if we could have a team full of scousers.” 👀 Sounds like Jurgen Klopp is planning to stay around for a long time, @LFC  fans…

Klopp dreaming of a Liverpool XI made up of just Scousers in the next decade


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There's a madness across the country that I hoped LFC fans - especially Scousers - would not get involved in. Klopp said stay at home. Covid is going to kill a shit load more people. Why the hell would you flood the streets?

Long bus journey! sat up front talkin t Don all night! love the scousers ! Goodnight peeps

Scousers were on top form last night! Great show! Thanks for being soo loud! Lyin in bed and the thoughts of gettin up is hurting me!

Any scousers gotta video of "the living dress" so happy I could die ? tweet me! The Haus is celebrating we want to see it from your POV!

Liverpool in trouble now without the Chelsea player. Come on you Scousers.

Watched those Scousers playing footy. Bloody brilliant.

Because all Scots are drunken brawlers. Like all Scousers are self-pitying shingles. The man is a disgrace to UK

Muhammad Ali on Scousers: 'You ain’t no fool if you from Liverpool'

Liverpool.. Thank you... I love the lit of ya! Gonna miss my scousers so much! ... Til next time ..,, xxxx