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The Govt’s move to block #ChristianPorter  from referral to the Privileges Committee over his secret donations was “stunningly stupid” says Niki Savva. It “trashed Parliament, undermined the Speaker and looked like the Govt was trying to hide something.” #insiders 

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The Nats may wear farmer hats, but that's not who they represent in parliament. In fact, jobs in regional Australia have been transforming for years — and the pandemic is set to push them even further. So who has their eyes on the road? [unlocked]

Members Of European Union Parliament Speak Out Against the Mandates Saying We Must Uphold Basic Fundamental Human Rights Europe full awakening between protests in every city and people speaking out for freedom of expression.

Take back control parliament hands control to the White House. Brexit was about parliamentary sovereignty. Now govt signing up to global taxation policy set by OECD with limited democratic oversight. (My newsletter for members of Reaction@reactionlife )

Residential school memorial on Parliament Hill taken down with First Nations approval

#Aoun did not sign the law, to which parliament introduced some amendments, he requested that amendments be reconsidered #Lebanon 

Man Arrested For Forging Parliament Pass, Wanted To Cheat People: Police

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Learn more about Generation Scotland, the voluntary project funded by the @wellcometrust  - more than 24000 people have taken part in building up a huge dataset around Scottish health. #ad  #health  #scotland 

Cop26 menu focuses on plant-based dishes with 80% Scottish food

We have our first e-petitions of the 44th Parliament. Second one: sponsored by #LPC  MP @JoelLightbound  , asks the government to continue to pay CCB benefits for two months after the death of a child. #cdnpoli 


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To fully understand how badly Joe Biden is handling Afghanistan our greatest ally Great Britain literally held him in contempt over his disastrous withdrawal and lack of communication!!! Parliament holds Joe Biden in contempt over Afghanistan

Speaking at the start of the Monsoon Session of Parliament.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took a knee while attending a demonstration on Parliament Hill that was organized to protest racial injustice and police brutality. Read more here:

Appeal to EP: You should be open to a long extension, if the UK wishes to rethink its strategy. 6 million people signed the petition, 1 million marched. They may not feel sufficiently represented by UK Parliament but they must feel represented by you. Because they are Europeans.

A Māori politician in New Zealand who was thrown out of Parliament for not wearing a Western tie was allowed back, after uproar. Ties are no longer mandatory. Rawiri Waititi called ties a "colonial noose" and a product of racist systems designed to subjugate Indigenous people.

Unfortunately I have been excluded from Parliament and disenfranchised by the new Parliamentary voting system. Medical advice is for me to stay at home, and where we had a perfectly workable remote voting system Jacob Rees Mogg has chosen to scrap it so his PM looks better.

I’m still trying to get action on PM’s systematic lying in parliament The BBC asks whether people care about it Please RT if you do

I will be voting against the Police Crime and Sentencing Bill in Parliament. The last thing the Police need is more powers at this time.

Disgusting. In Parliament, I just challenged Jacob Rees-Mogg about UNICEF having to feed working class kids in the UK. His reply? "UNICEF should be ashamed of itself". He accused it of "playing politics". It's shameful for kids to go hungry. It's not shameful to feed them.

Singing of Auld Lang Syne starts in the European Parliament as the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement is approved by MEPs