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There's growing speculation that Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack could face a leadership spill when parliament returns tomorrow. @CUhlmann  #9News 

A century ago King George V officially opened a parliament in Belfast, but how did the first devolved legislature in the UK come into existence and how did it work?

When Parliament resumes tomorrow, Nationals leader Michael McCormack is tipped to face a leadership challenge. Barnaby Joyce wants his old job back, and his supporters say he has the numbers. #auspol  | @vanOnselenP 

#NSTnation #Kelantanwill  only hold its state #legislativeassembly  sitting once it receivesd an official announcement about Parliament reconvening.

After the 2001 Parliament attack, its mastermind, Ghazi Baba became hot property with every agency on the chase. Almost two decades after the incident, Rahul Pandita reveals how the elusive tikka-loving chief of the Jaish in Kashmir was smoked out.

Happening Now - Waheed Majrooh, acting minister of public health, speaks at the Parliament. #Afghanistan  Watch live at

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Doctors express alarm as 'jammed' Scottish hospitals struggle for beds

Anti-China, anti-Russia G-7 meet; chaos in #Pakistan  Parliament; US-Russia summit level meet and more… Watch this and more on #WorldToday  with @Geeta_Mohan . #ITLivestream 

Former British parliament speaker Bercow joins opposition Labour Party

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Unfortunately I have been excluded from Parliament and disenfranchised by the new Parliamentary voting system. Medical advice is for me to stay at home, and where we had a perfectly workable remote voting system Jacob Rees Mogg has chosen to scrap it so his PM looks better.

A Māori politician in New Zealand who was thrown out of Parliament for not wearing a Western tie was allowed back, after uproar. Ties are no longer mandatory. Rawiri Waititi called ties a "colonial noose" and a product of racist systems designed to subjugate Indigenous people.

I’m still trying to get action on PM’s systematic lying in parliament The BBC asks whether people care about it Please RT if you do

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took a knee while attending a demonstration on Parliament Hill that was organized to protest racial injustice and police brutality. Read more here:

I will be voting against the Police Crime and Sentencing Bill in Parliament. The last thing the Police need is more powers at this time.

Disgusting. In Parliament, I just challenged Jacob Rees-Mogg about UNICEF having to feed working class kids in the UK. His reply? "UNICEF should be ashamed of itself". He accused it of "playing politics". It's shameful for kids to go hungry. It's not shameful to feed them.

UPDATE: We can’t get a single Tory MP to come on @GMB  tomorrow to defend their Government. There are 365 of them. Has there ever been a more gutless bunch of cowards in the history of Parliament? One of you grow a pair - we’ll take any of you.

Singing of Auld Lang Syne starts in the European Parliament as the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement is approved by MEPs

As an MP, I appeal to @PMOIndia  to divert the ₹20,000 Cr earmarked for new Parliament building & Central Vista to supplement the ₹15,000 allotted to fight #Covid19 , which is merely ₹20 Cr per district. Grand spending on buildings at this time of crisis is a postponable luxury.

US military announced its suspending anti-ISIS operations in Iraq. Iraq parliament requests govt to kick out US forces. Massive protests in Iran. North Korea says it will show off new military technology soon. All have knock-on effects. More danger. More instability.