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The SNP is still on course to win at the Scottish Parliament elections according to a new poll | @wornoutmumhack 

The SNP is still on course to win at the Scottish Parliament elections according to a new poll, although support for the party has dipped slightly, while public backing for independence has also fallen.

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s first minister, has accused her predecessor Alex Salmond of creating an 'alternative reality' over claims that prosecutors sought to block the Scottish parliament from publishing evidence about contacts between the two of them

Scotland’s Former First Minister Alex Salmond and his successor, Nicola Sturgeon, will appear before parliament this week. If Sturgeon is found guilty, she could lose her job and bring down the Scottish Independence cause. Their feud, explained 👇

Former First Minister Alex Salmond is accusing his successor Nicola Sturgeon of misleading parliament. They are both appearing in parliament this week. If Sturgeon is found guilty it could have a major effect on the fight for Scottish independence.

The credibility of the Scottish Parliament 'in crisis' after it caves to Crown Office and pulls evidence after 16 hours

Labour committee member Jackie Baillie claimed the "credibility" of the Scottish Parliament was at stake

“This has come at a really bad time for Nicola Sturgeon.” Deputy Political Editor of the Scottish Daily Mail@RachelWatson27  says evidence and inquiry findings could come out during the campaign for the Scottish Parliament elections #Newsnight 

Quote of the day on the Salmond-Sturgeon affair and censored evidence: “It’s hard to decide what stands out most. The brazenness of the Crown Office. The cowardice of the Scottish parliament. The telling silence of the Scottish government” via @spectator 

Alex Salmond will not appear before the Holyrood inquiry into the Scottish Government’s unlawful investigation of sexual harassment claims made against him after parliament redacted his already-published evidence


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The Head of the Scottish Government is trying to suppress testimony that she lied to the Scottish parliament.

Devastating critique of the Scottish Parliament’s ailing inquiry into the Salmond Affair. By former professor of University of Glasgow School of Law. ”The Salmond inquiry is a farce” via @spectator 

"Leave a light on so that we can find our way home" ICYMI: Scottish MEP gave a impassioned speech at the European Parliament (via ) Read the latest on as the negotiations continue ➡️

On November 24, the Scottish Parliament unanimously approved a bill making Scotland the first country to allow free access to period products.

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Don't want to rain on anyone's parade but I think the Scottish Parliament passed a Bill banning the automatic early release of certain long term prisoners in June 2015.

An Old Etonian Prime Minister elected by two-thirds of less than one percent of the country sends an Old Etonian Leader of the Commons to a Scottish castle to ask an elderly Monarch to shut down Parliament as part of the plan to deliver Parliamentary sovereignty #failedstate 

“It’s not democracy, it’s dictatorship” Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says unless the suspension of Parliament is challenged “today will go down in history as the day democracy died”

Delighted to welcome 's seven Scottish MPs into Parliament today. They'll defend their communities against May who has no mandate.

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This is very interesting. The Scottish Parliament's 'consent is required'.

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"I'm not scared. I'm not a victim. I'm a survivor." Scottish MP Michelle Thomson speaks in Parliament about her experience of rape aged 14.