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Anas Sarwar has been formally endorsed by more than of his party’s elected parliamentarians to be the next leader of Scottish Labour.

Monica Lennon, the Central Scotland MSP, has previously said Scottish Labour must split from the main UK party to end its "losing streak"

@LordMcConnell  - the former Scottish Labour leader and First Minister of Scotland - tells #politicsscotland  that the search for a new leader of the party gives the opportunity to understand “the depths to which we have plumbed” ➡️

Anas Sarwar is expected to announce his bid to become the next leader of Scottish Labour after the party fixes a timetable for replacing Richard Leonard today.

Scottish Labour says a new leader for the party will be in place by next month.

New Scottish Labour leader by Feb 27th at latest (if there’s a contest) Party’s ruling body - Scottish executive committee - has just agreed timetable

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Scottish Labour has demanded an urgent meeting with the head of BBC Scotland over what it calls Nicola Sturgeon’s “increasingly party political” daily briefings on coronavirus.

Thank you @BrianFrancisRoy  for your dedication to our Party. Your experience and knowledge have been invaluable to Scottish Labour, and me personally, and your Gaza cycle ride is a fine example of your commitment to international solidarity. All the best for the future.

To those just waking up, here's my analysis of Labour's defeat. Brexit is certain. Scottish independence inevitable. We need a new strategy and new electoral coalition to stop a one-party racist state in Britain now...

Labour’s reaction to this heckle is telling. The party’s supporters have tried to discredit the Scottish clergyman who called Corbyn a terrorist sympathiser. But they have not tried to deny the allegation. Why? Because they can’t.

BREAKING: Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed the Scottish National Party has instigated legal action over the exclusion of parties other than Labour and the Conservatives from ITV's proposed general election leaders' debate

Richard Leonard has been elected leader of the Scottish Labour Party. Whoop!! Well done to his brilliant team. Another step closer to socialism in Scotland and Britain ✊?

You'd have imagined that a few years into a left wing Labour Party, conference might be debating scrapping Trident, or introducing federalism. Labour's offer to Scottish voters seems to be to vote for them, regardless of policy, because they self identify as nice people.

Join Scottish Labour to help shape our party and build a country #ForTheMany . Deadline to join is midday tomorrow →

Conservatives did well in Scottish local elections "at the expense of the Labour party" says SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon

Women now lead UKIP, the Conservatives, the SNP, Scottish Labour, Scottish Conservatives, Plaid Cymru, the DUP and the Green Party. Wow.