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‘The most probable outcome is the SNP is going to be one or two seats short.’ Prof Sir John Curtice believes Scottish Labour’s hold on the Dumbarton seat makes a SNP majority at this Scottish Parliament election unlikely. #BBCElections  #SP21  ➡️

'We need more disabled people in parliament', says Scottish Conservative Jeremy Balfour upon hearing of the accessibility issues encountered by Scottish Labour's Pam Duncan-Glancy at the Glasgow count #SP21  #BBCElections  Live updates ➡️

Henry McLeish says Scots should be able to decide their future. The former Scottish first minister says Labour, across the UK, faces very significant problems but he believes Anas Sarwar has settled the Scottish party. #BBCElections  Follow updates ➡️

Scottish Labour's Jackie Baillie has held onto what was Scotland's most marginal constituency - Dumbarton#BBCElections  #SP21 

ELECTION RESULT SNP HOLD Motherwell and Wishaw Clare Adamson re-elected as MSP SNP, 18,156 Labour,10,343 Conservative, 4,472 Liberal Democrat, 557 Scottish Libertarian Party, 254

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"Every time far right hate has tried to come to Glasgow Southside we have united against them" Scottish Labour's @AnasSarwar  welcomes rejection of far right, after the candidate who confronted Nicola Sturgeon only achieved 46 votes #SP21  #BBCElections 

East Lothian is no longer a Scottish Labour stronghold @DaveyLockhart  looks at what the swing of the seat to the SNP means #SP21or #BBCElections Live updates ➡️

Scottish Election 2021 LIVE: Cowdenbeath results Winner Annabelle Ewing SNP (16,499) Runner-up Alex Rowley Labour (10,486) SNP Hold.

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While awaiting Scottish election results, Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, @IanMurrayMP  spoke with @StreetSignsCNBC  on his thoughts for ‘what needs to be done to convince Scotland to stay in the Union’.


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I am saddened Richard Leonard has stood down as leader of the Scottish Labour Party & I wish this very decent man and devoted socialist all the best for the future. It is clear from the emerging media reports that questions need to be answered about how this was brought about.

🥀 CONFIRMED: Scottish Labour are against Scotland having a choice over its future and have removed a candidate that backs it. 🚨 Voting Scottish Labour helps Tories deny Scotland's right to decide. 🗳 Only #BothVotesSNP  on May 6 will put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands.

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Labour's strategy of occasionally remembering that Scottish people exist and telling them to fuck off is electoral stardust

Interesting. Just trying to imagine the multiple orgasms flooding across Fleet St and Opposition MPs if I had done whatever the New Labour equivalent might have been of breaking a new law we had devised. Ps Neil Ferguson or Ex Scottish CMO on Marr please

Labour’s reaction to this heckle is telling. The party’s supporters have tried to discredit the Scottish clergyman who called Corbyn a terrorist sympathiser. But they have not tried to deny the allegation. Why? Because they can’t.

Great to hear tell Scottish MSPs and public she will be at the Put It To The People march and rally on Saturday. My Scottish Labour friends don’t like me saying so but she and have shown real consistent leadership on Brexit and

So Labour have rejected a definition of antisemitism accepted by UK, Scottish and Welsh govts, 124 local authorities, gov’ts around the world and most Jews. It seems Labour found that definition too stringent - it prohibited anti-Jewish expression that Labour wants to allow

You'd have imagined that a few years into a left wing Labour Party, conference might be debating scrapping Trident, or introducing federalism. Labour's offer to Scottish voters seems to be to vote for them, regardless of policy, because they self identify as nice people.

Labour will ban zero hours contracts, giving new protections to the 60,000 Scottish workers currently with no guaranteed hours. #STUC17 

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