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Indian-Americans taking over the US: President Joe Biden "Indian-of-descent Americans (sic) are taking over the country. You (Swati Mohan), my Vice President (Kamala Harris), my speechwriter (Vinay Reddy)," Biden said in a virtual interaction with NASA scientists

#Watch | US President@JoeBiden  lauded the contributions of Indian Americans during a conversation with NASA scientists who were involved in the historic landing.

CDC scientists say fatal drug overdoses nationwide have surged about 20% during the pandemic — killing more than 83,000 people in 2020. And a growing body of research suggests Black Americans have suffered the heaviest toll.

Scientists are urging Americans to upgrade their face coverings. But Amazon, Google and Facebook restrict the sale of medical-grade masks due to rules set early in the pandemic that critics say are outdated.

Is the end of the pandemic in sight? Scientists are optimistic, but fear one last surge if Americans relax too soon.

The worst of the pandemic may be behind Americans. But many scientists predict a "fourth wave" in the coming weeks if the U.S. attempts to reopen too quickly. 

The worst of the pandemic may be behind Americans. But many scientists predict a "fourth wave" in the coming weeks if the U.S. attempts to reopen too quickly. 

‘Harvard scientists claim that slavery reparations could have saved black Americans from dying disproportionately from Covid-19. But their argument harms the very people they set out to protect’ - Graham Dockery

This #BlackHistoryMonth , @OPRE_ACF  celebrates the many contributions of Black Americans throughout the history of the U.S. We recognize the significant contributions Black American scientists have made to advance research and evaluation and the social sciences.

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All seven variants contained a similar mutation and were found to have emerged as early as July 2020. Scientists say it's too soon to know what, if anything, these new variants mean for Americans.


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Trump has tested positive for the coronavirus after he spent months downplaying its severity, refused to regularly wear a mask, undercut top scientists, and so severely mismanaged the nation's response that more than 200,000 Americans are dead.

How can Joe Biden and Kamala Harris wage a campaign to convince Americans not to take a VACCINE even if the FDA certifies it is safe and scientists and doctors say it is safe? Are they really willing to sacrifice thousands of Americans for their narrow political interests?

Donald Trump ignored early coronavirus warning signs. Dismissed the seriousness of the threat. Attacked the advice of doctors and scientists. Failed to institute an adequate national plan for testing and contact tracing. Now nearly 150,000 Americans have died. This is on Trump.

Whether it was stealing a Supreme Court seat, gerrymandering congressional districts to disenfranchise African Americans, or muzzling government climate scientists, Republicans were undermining American democracy long before Trump made it to the Oval Office.

Trump fired the US’s top vaccine scientist for calling baloney on the President's unproven miracle cure for COVID-19. We should be listening to scientists, not Trump's cronies. Americans are dying because of the President’s corruption & incompetence.

Dr. Bright tells Congress: "Americans deserve the truth. The truth must be based on science. We have the world's greatest scientists. Let us lead. Let us speak without fear of retribution."

Donald, thanks for being our most loyal viewer. Now please get to work. Over 40,000 Americans have died from the pandemic. America has the most gifted scientists, doctors, and technology leaders. Please use them and take charge of testing so we can get America working again! #USA 

“experts...declined to speak on the record for fear of offending the president. But they were united in the opinion that politicians must step aside and let scientists both lead the effort to contain the virus and explain to Americans what must be done”

Oh, please. Americans are fed up with the “I don’t understand climate change” card — just listen to the scientists. There is a climate crisis, caused by human activity, and the leader of FEMA needs to understand that.

Political Scientists Reassure Americans That Stripping Minorities Of Citizenship Usually Where Descent Into Fascism Peters Out

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