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TIL: According to the most recent data from @CADeptEd , 59% of California’s public schoolchildren recieve free or reduced school lunch. Put another way, 6 of every 10 students. Wow.

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Up to 1 million schoolchildren are reportedly missing class due to coronavirus. Headteacher Simon Kidwell says many students are missing school as they are unable to get a test. @TomSwarbrick1 

Pelosi: We have reached an agreement w/GOPers on the CR to add nearly $8 billion in desperately needed nutrition assistance for hungry schoolchildren & families.  We also increase accountability in the Commodity Credit Corporation, preventing funds for farmers from being misused

Exclusive: Active travel is booming in Britain as millions of commuters, shoppers and schoolchildren get on their bikes to avoid confined spaces on public transport during the COVID-19 pandemic, data from the fitness tracker app Strava showed

SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence in Swissschoolchildren shows most infections undiagnosed -

Head teacher tells 200 primary schoolchildren to self-isolate after three staff test positive for Covid

Air pollution puts Londoners at risk of developing asthma & stunted lungs as early as in infancy. We cannot let this continue. To mark this year’s #CarFreeDay , I’m launching my air quality monitoring project to measure how we're protecting London's schoolchildren from toxic air.

Counsellors sent to Eastern Cape school where 102 pupils got Covid-19: The department of education has sent a team of counsellors to support the Ethembeni Secondary School community in Burgersdorp in the Eastern Cape where 102 schoolchildren tested…

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The Scottish Schools Digital Network, renamed Glow was launched in 2007 to provide online resources and connected learning opportunities for all Scottish schoolchildren and teachers.


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"Fifty years from now, schoolchildren studying American history will come upon this photograph, and they will instantly know who was in charge in that room - the adult standing and pointing at that pained face across the table." - @Lawrence 

I don't think it's radical to say schoolchildren should not have "lunch debt." If we can give tax breaks to billionaires we can guarantee free, universal school meals to all our kids.

Hundreds of Hong Kong democracy protesters, including schoolchildren, are trapped inside a besieged university campus

Priceless reactions ???? , and deliver a special Christmas surprise to unsuspecting local schoolchildren. Full video: #ThisMeansMore 

What could possibly persuade Britishschoolchildren to attack child refugees from Syria?

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2018 has been deadlier for schoolchildren than service members

Wait. Are these schoolchildren, out marching against climate change, actually chanting "Fuck Theresa May"?

THOSE reactions!! ? 20 schoolchildren, , one GIANT prank and the video you simply cannot afford to miss!! ?? Mo's Anfield surprise in full: Brought to you by

It typically takes a mass shooting to keep them this quiet. The is Philando Castile-silent on Maria Butina. They distance themselves from dead schoolchildren and blackness—and now, possible collusion with accused Russian agents. A quick one from me.

The killer clown craze just got even weirder - now 'Batman' has turned up promising to protect schoolchildren

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