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JD Scholten is fighting for the Iowans in #IA04  who have endured years of ‘representation’ by Steve King. He can flip this seat with your help! Follow: @Scholten4Iowa  RT & share his great new #DemCastIAd :

"I want this race to be run out of Sioux City and not D.C., and that ultimately led to our decision," J.D. Scholten said of his decision to not take DCCC funding in Iowa's 4th District race.

Peter Meijer wins nomination, will face Hillary Scholten for Amash seat

Randy Feenstra serves corporations that have little to do with the rural Iowans he represents, his opponent J.D. Scholten writes

Iowa Democrat J.D. Scholten to his opponent Randy Feenstra: "Drop the corporate donations and unwavering loyalty to your party and put Iowans first."

Michigan Republicans will also choose a candidate to replace Rep. Justin Amash (L-Mich.); scholten'>Democrat Hillary Scholten awaits in the general election

President Obama endorsed Rita Hart and other IowaDemocrats in a wave of endorsements for Democrats across the country on Monday. J.D. Scholten was the sole congressional candidate from Iowa that wasn’t included in the endorsement.

Progressive J.D. Scholten rejects DCCC help in close Iowa race by @aidachavez 

Scholten said the House Democrats’ campaign arm “begged” him to run against Steve King in 2020. When King lost his primary, the DCCC lost interest.

In November, Republican State Senator Randy Feenstra will face Democrat J.D. Scholten for Iowa's fourth congressional district.


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J.D. Scholten, the Democrat who nearly defeated Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) in 2018, announced Monday that he will again seek to challenge the white nationalist congressman.

Representative Steve King of Iowa, who has questioned why white nationalism is offensive, won re-election by just 10,000 votes last year. His Democratic opponent in that race, J. D. Scholten, is announcing that he's running again.

WATCH: Chuck asks J.D. Scholten, a Democratic Congressional Candidate in Iowa's 4th district, about tariffs. #MTPDaily  Scholten : “The bizarreness of what is happening right now is we are borrowing money from China to pay our farmers to not sell their products to China.”

J.D. Scholten, candidate for Iowa's 4th Congressional District, on tariffs: "The bizarreness of what is happening right now is, we're borrowing money from China to pay our farmers to not sell their products to China."

Jeff Flake says he rooting for GOP Rep. Steve King's opponent, J.D. Scholten, in Iowa. "I'm cheering a few on," Flake says of some Democratic candidates. He won't tell the other Dems he wants to win.

The Democrat running against #ia04  Rep. Steve King, , says: "the Scholten campaign has raised over $900,000 from over 29,000 individual contributions" since MONDAY.

Steve King's IA-4 race vs. Democrat J.D. Scholten had only been on the fringe of competitive; Scholten's own poll in Sept. had him down 6. But, Scholten has out-raised King 3:1 & polls of other races in this part of the country have been bad for the GOP.

Steve King is the most vile & disgusting member of Congress-support the Dem @Scholten4Iowa ! donate 2 J.D. Scholten

For example, this person named JD Scholten is running to unseat the open racist Steve King in Iowa. Long shot? Sure, maybe. But I felt good donating today. #DethroneSteveKing !