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V v late to the game but just finished @SchittsCreek  and 😍😭 @danjlevy , quite simply: Thank you.

#SchittsCreek co-creator and star @danjlevy  revisits the sixth and final season.

Binge watching @SchittsCreek  is a talent right? 📷: Instagram @/nottoopretty

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A TV station censored a #SchittsCreek  same-sex kiss and @danjlevy  is very upset

The Emmy-winning sixth and final season of #SchittsCreek  has arrived on Netflix early.

The Top Franchise Options for Each Member of the Rose Family on @SchittsCreek 

My reaction to seeing that the last season of #SchittsCreek  is coming to Netflix in October

For those of you out there who are just discovering #SchittsCreek  WELCOME 🤣🤣🤣☝🏽


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#SchittsCreek sets an #Emmys  record for most wins in a single season for a comedy

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Wow! And with that, @SchittsCreek  has officially swept the Comedy categories! Congrats! #Emmys 

#SchittsCreek wins for best comedy series at the #Emmys 

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The case for Catherine O'Hara: Why the @SchittsCreek  star deserves an #Emmy 

How am I living in a world where Catherine O’Hara has not won an Emmy as Moira Rose on @SchittsCreek ?

This mashup of David Rose@danjlevy ) saying "Oh my god" on @SchittsCreek  is more than just a little bit amazing 😂