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Diane Abbott says accusations that Meghan bullied a member of staff feel like "tit for tat", adding "I deplore bullying, whoever it is from, but I think there's a degree of scepticism around these belated claims against Meghan Markle" Read the latest:

Vaccine Choice Canada "is serving as serial spreader of vaccine mistrust," & promoting "vaccine misinformation and scepticism in the most emotive and alarmist language."

"He is no conspiracy theorist but he has a mistrust of the establishment and huge scepticism about its motives"

Digital identity scheme faces scepticism around data privacy - Expat Guide to Switzerland - Expatica Switzerland

Digital identity scheme faces scepticism around data privacy -

Digital identity scheme faces scepticism around data privacy

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#NSTnation This is simply due to their scepticism on the #vaccine  which arose after reading negative news shared on the social media platform. #coronavirus  #covid19 

Norwegian state-controlled energy giant Equinor is facing growing scepticism from some government officials over a costly plan to power its Wisting field in the Barents Sea with electricity from shore #Equinor 

Societé Generale 1/2: In the near-term, there's more chance of push-back against the yield move from the #Fed  than the #ECB  but the market pricing reflects deep scepticism about Europe's economic prospects, compared to optimism about the US'.

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Writing the word “sceptical” on your movement doesn’t make you sceptics, any more than writing the word “cold” on a box makes it a fridge. Scepticism involves work, real work, assessing and revising your own beliefs, not just reflexively rejecting what you see as orthodoxy

Chancellor #Merkel : “Never in the past 15 years have we all experienced such a difficult year – and never have we greeted the new year with so much hope, despite all of our concerns and some scepticism.” - New Year´s adress by the Federal Chancellor:

Whitty and Vallance being questioned in detail by MPs over the documents that pushed the PM to change his mind on lockdown - a lot of scepticism in Westminster over the numbers

“These are just placebo moves that aren’t really deeply rooted in change.” Protests against police brutality continue nationwide in Nigeria, amid scepticism of the government’s reform pledge.

Reducing an entire population to a deep level of scepticism about all sources information is a key part of psyops. So you might want to think about this morning as an object lesson in what it feels like to lose the ‘fight against misinformation ‘

Happy 80th birthday to Kip Thorne. In the mid-70s, despite widespread scepticism, Thorne was convinced that gravitational waves could be detected. In 2015, Thorne and @LIGO  scientists observed gravitational waves for the first time. He received the #NobelPrize  in Physics 2017.

James! He's about to start a new negotiation. Don't be naive. Why do UK journalists take everything Brussels bureaucrats/politicians say at face value, instead of applying the same scepticism we rightly apply to UK politicians/bureaucrats?

A former Sec Def told me today it wasn’t possible Trump would only have been given possible casualty rates once planes were in the air. That info is given much earlier in the decision making process. Whole process getting a lot of scepticism.

Why the quote marks, ? It would be understandable if there were doubts abt survivor's lack of consent, but an 11 year old is below the age of consent. Even if she had "consented" (see, this is how to use inverted commas to express scepticism!), it is statutory rape.

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