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Literally every utterance of "only in Canada!" is describing something that routinely happens in Russia, Scandinavia, Greenland or large portions of the United States.

Traveling through the Baltic Sea, you may feel like you’ve stepped into the pages of a storybook. In this uniquely positioned region between Scandinavia and Mainland Europe, the stunning scenery and friendly people will surely capture your imagination.

Scandinavia’s largest airline said it will focus on its Nordics business, operating a European short-haul network and cutting its fleet to around 50 aircraft.

Volvo helps hometown Gothenburg become climate neutral: EVs and robo taxis aim to create emission-free zone in Scandinavia’s largest port city

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Proving you don't need to go to Canada or Scandinavia to see the Northern Lights.

The CEO at Scandinavia’s main airline will leave the company, forcing SAS to find a replacement at a difficult time for the industry

Beyond the sea north of Scandinavia that bears his name, William Barents and his tale are little known

An infrastructure fund run by one of Scandinavia’s most powerful private equity firms has joined the race for the £2.5bn US operations of FirstGroup, the London-listed transport operator

MarketLine - Car Rental (Self Drive) in Scandinavia: Summary Car Rental (Self Drive) in Scandinavia industry profile provides top-line qualitative and quantitative summary information including: market size (value and volume 2015-19, and… #equity  #stocks 

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The Left says its socialist blueprint is Scandinavia, but my wife Debbie@Debber66 ) reveals their real model is her native country of Venezuela. @prageru 

In Venezuela the socialists unleash thugs called colectivos against priests, business owners and political dissidents. They are Venezuela’s equivalent of #Antifa  and #BLM . There are no such paramilitary groups in Scandinavia

The colectivos are a paramilitary gang connected to the socialist regime in Venezuela. They are the equivalent of #Antifa  and #BLM , the paramilitaries of our American Left. There are no such paramilitaries in Scandinavia

No politician in Scandinavia has gone from zero to $100 million on a government salary the way the Clintons and Biden have. But in Venezuela, the families of socialist head honchos Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro are the richest in the country

Make no mistake, what the left is currently pushing is the most insidious form of "division socialism." It will take America in the direction of Venezuela, not Scandinavia.

Good victory in Norway! Thank you so much to the Manchester United fans club from Scandinavia for the award and for all your affection ??

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An American woman is three times as likely to die from childbirth as a woman in Canada, and six times as likely as a woman in Scandinavia.

Why is it that only we can't have universal health care? If Germany, if Scandinavia, if every major country does it, then we can do it.

#Ireland, UK and #Scandinavia  on a moonlit night under an amazing and everchanging aurora

I think there is a lot to be learned from Scandinavia where health care and college education are provided to all, regardless of income.