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What is Savarkar’s contribution to national life? Having read most of his writing, he rarely rises above the banal. He may shine as a modernist compared to Golwalkar, but when the chips were down, he went with the Bigots, rather than what he praught.

"The suggestion is absurd beyond description. It is laughable," says Rajmohan Gandhi referring to Rajnath's Singh's claims that Mahatma Gandhi had suggested V.D. Savarkar submit mercy petitions to the British.

Savarkar and Hindu Mahasabha Stayed Firmly Outside the Freedom Movement' Rajmohan Gandhi, the well-known historian and the Mahatma's grandson, sets the record straight on Union defence minister Rajnath Singh's questionable claim.

Lies on Savarkar's Mercy Petitions Expose the Legitimacy Crisis of Hindutva Brigade via @thewire_in 

In trying to 'resurrect' Savarkar's image, Rajnath Singh's remarks unwittingly brought to the fore the difficulty RSS and BJP have been facing in having a pantheon of their freedom fighters. | @Kumar55Kuldeep  writes

Even as Gandhi never asked the Savarkar brothers to write mercy petitions, in his 1920 article, he did 'present a case for their release'. Rajmohan Gandhi says his grandfather believed 'all those who fight for India's independence should be released."

Absurd to claim Gandhi advised Savarkar to plead for mercy, @rajnathsingh  is totally wrong, says Rajmohan Gandhi, Gandhiji's grandson tells Karan Thapar for The Wire. via @thewire_in 

Mentioning that in his 1913 petition, Savarkar wrote, 'The government in their manifold beneficence and mercy (to) release me', Mahatma Gandhi's grandson, Rajmohan Gandhi, asked, "If these are not pleas for mercy, what are they?” Full interview:

From Rajasthan’s education minister calling women teachers quarrelsome to defence minister making false claims about Savarkar's mercy petitions and India hitting a new low at Global Hunger Index, last week was full of news. Here's @mukul9839 's recap.


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#WATCH | "...I don't think Gandhi is the father of nation. Country like India cannot have one father of the nation, there are thousands who have been forgotten...," says savarkar'>Ranjit Savarkar, grandson of Veer Savarkar on AIMIM's Asaduddin's Owaisi's Savarkar as father of nation remark

Andaman and Nicobar Islands: Union Home Minister Amit Shah visits the cell where savarkar'>Vinayak Damodar Savarkar was imprisoned at Cellular Jail in Port Blair.

#WATCH | Lies were spread about Savarkar. Time & again, it was said that he filed mercy petitions before British Govt seeking his release from jail... It was Mahatma Gandhi who asked him to file mercy petitions: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh at launch of a book on Savarkar y'day

The political question being asked today is - what is India? If you read people like Savarkar, they'll say India is a geography. They take a pen, draw a map & say this is India; outside this line it is not India & inside this line it is India: Rahul Gandhi, in Malappuram (Kerala)

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Few months later, Rahul Gandhi again asked me why you wear a black cap. I asked him have you read anything about RSS? He said 'yes, yes, I've read Savarkar', Piyush ji (Leader of the House in Rajya Sabha) you'll have to live with this when such people are in leadership: Maha Guv

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Those comparing one of India’s finest revolutionaries savarkar'>Veer Savarkar to a lawyer who lives off lies, nuisance and every anti-national cause please know this... Savarkar will live forever in this nation’s heart. Prashant Bhushans will come and go, binned like a cigarette butt.

On his Jayanti, I bow to the courageous savarkar'>Veer Savarkar. We remember him for his bravery, motivating several others to join the freedom struggle and emphasis on social reform.

Sanjay Raut,Shiv Sena: Those who oppose savarkar'>Veer Savarkar, they maybe from any ideology or party, let them stay for just two days at the cell in Andaman cellular jail where Savarkar was lodged.Only then will they realize his sacrifice and his contribution to the nation

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Akhil Bhartiya Hindu Mahasabha PresidentSwami Chakrapani on statement in Congress Seva Dal booklet 'Godse&Savarkar had physical relations':These are ridiculous allegations against former Mahasabha President Savarkar ji.Similarly we have also heard that Rahul Gandhi is homosexual

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