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Iraq has hosted more than one round of Saudi-Iranian talks - president

#SaudiArabia 's MBS says the kingdom wants to calm the waters wit #Iran  : “Iran is a neighbour. We want a prosperous Iran, with Saudi interests in Iran, and Iranian interests i #SaudiArabia  ." Report b @JihdGillon  .

Asked how many rounds of Saudi-Iranian talks Iraq had hosted, Iraqi PM Salih replied: 'More than once'

The chief of Saudi intelligence began secret talks last month with a senior Iranian security official in Baghdad aimed at defusing tensions that have roiled the Middle East for decades. @NYTBen ⁩ @farnazfassihi ⁩ @janearraf ⁩

For a diminished Saudi kingdom, negotiation with the Iranian enemy, through gritted teeth, appears the only way out of a grim geopolitical situation @James_P_Snell  Opinion

Once, the Saudi kingdom could assemble a ramshackle coalition to counter Iranian expansionism. Now, it stands largely alone @James_P_Snell  Opinion

Following the first Iranian-Saudi meeting in Baghdad on the 9th of April, a second meeting has been rescheduled in the Iraqi capital by the end of this current week. Iran-Saudi Arabia rapprochement: what about the US position? via @ejmalrai 

'Incident' involving ship reported outside Saudi port; U.S. Navy reports unsafe encounters with Iranian ships

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#Iran #SaudiArabia  #Iraq  Many people asked me if the second Iranian-Saudi meeting took place (was due yesterday). The answer is no because of the leak of the first meeting. It was postponed a few more days but expected to happen in #Baghdadvery  soon.

Update: Iranian Foreign Ministry spox seems to confirm the meetings, says welcomes dialogue with Saudi Arabia. via @LizSly 


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In Russia, is a MI6 agent; In US, a Russian agent; In Iran, a Mossad agent; In Saudi, an Iranian agent; In Libya, a CIA agent. World wide establishments accuse those who expose them of being the enemy of the people.

▶️ Footage provided by the Saudi Arabian government shows Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe meeting with King Salman of Saudi Arabia, Sunday, January 12, at the start of a Gulf tour in an effort to ease tensions after the US killed a top Iranian general. (AFP)

Saudi Arabia and others in OPEC will more than make up the Oil Flow difference in our now Full Sanctions on Iranian Oil. Iran is being given VERY BAD advice by and people who helped him lead the U.S. into the very bad Iran Nuclear Deal. Big violation of Logan Act?

While the Iranian regime kills its own people, bombs Saudi Arabia's oil installations, and rushes to enrich uranium for nuclear weapons, European countries rush to appease Iran with even more concessions. Now is the time to ratchet up the pressures on Iran, not to lessen them!

BREAKING: Iran's state-run news agency and other media say an explosion has struck an Iranian oil tanker off Saudi Arabia's coast.

Iranian regime uses terrorists in Yemen to attack Saudi Arabia, shutting down half of Saudi oil production

BREAKING: Iranian foreign minister tells CNN that any Saudi or US strike on Iran will result in 'all-out war.'

Israel and Saudi Arabia are standing behind US campaign against Iranian aggression. Why is this a US campaign? We don’t need Middle East oil. After two wars in the Middle East, the last thing we need is for other nations to cheer us into a third one. We need diplomacy, not war.

BREAKING: U.S. Air Force general says ballistic missile that targeted Saudi capital was Iranian and bore "Iranian markings"

If you're a big booster of the new "Iranian spring" but also think Saudi Arabia is a force for regional stability and Sissi is a voice for moderate Islam, then it's impossible to take you seriously