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Saudi Arabia said Saturday it intercepted an apparent missile or drone attack over its capital, Riyadh, amid the kingdom's yearslong war against neighboring Yemen's Houthi rebels.

A tough Washington turn for Saudi Arabia: Tony Blinken said the Biden administration would soon stop support for Saudi bombing in Yemen. Avril Haines said it would publish a report on the Saudi officials who were responsible for the murder of Khashoggi.

Congress — and the American people — have already shown their overwhelming support for ending arms sales to Saudi Arabia and ending the war in Yemen, despite Trump’s vetoes, writes @TawakkolKarman 

Biden’s first opportunity to make good on his promise to halt weapon sales to Saudi Arabia and end the war in Yemen could come by the second day of his presidency. He must act immediately, writes @TawakkolKarman  in @PostOpinions  .

2/ A civil war has been raging in Yemen since 2014. Saudi Arabia and the U.S. are on one side. The rebel Houthi tribe and Iran on the other. It has caused a humanitarian crisis - the worst in the world. 100,000 children have died of starvation or disease. 16m are malnourished.

#Saudi Arabia Reiterates Support for Political Solutions in #Yemen , #Syria , #Libya 

#BREAKING : Three people, including 2 children, were injured after #houthi '>Iran-backe #Houthi  militia launched a “military projectile” from Yemen toward Jazan, southwestern Saudi Arabia

#BREAKING  : Jordan condemns launch of drones by Yemen's #Houthi  militia, says kingdom will stand by Saudi Arabia

#BREAKING : Saudi Arabia’s Cabinet welcomes US plan to designate #houthi '>Iran-backe #Houthi  militia in Yemen#terrorist  organization


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May's silence during her visit to Saudi Arabia about the Yemen blockade & UK role in the war underlines her complicity in the Yemeni people's suffering. There must be an end to the blockade and UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia suspended while an independent investigation takes place

Trump to block visas to anyone from Iran Iraq Libya Somalia Sudan Syria Yemen 9/11 bombers from Saudi Arabia 15 UAE 2 Egypt 1 Lebanon 1

Why do we continue to sell billions of arms to Saudi Arabia and give a pass to a monarchy that perpetuates the devastating war in Yemen?

1/ Okay, in a few tweets I'm going to try to explain what's going on in Yemen today, so you have some knowledge to counter this claim that America needs to bomb Iran because the Houthis bombed Saudi Arabia. It's complicated, but now you need to know.

Two years ago, the Saudi crown prince bought a DaVinci painting for $450 million. That's more than half what Saudi Arabia is refusing to contribute to the UN to address the humanitarian nightmare their war is helping create in Yemen.

The President’s shameful veto of legislation to block his sale of arms to Saudi Arabia & the UAE tramples over the bipartisan will of the Congress & perpetuates his Administration’s involvement in the horrific, unconscionable conflict in Yemen.

Congress passed a bipartisan bill to stop US support for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen. has just vetoed it. We can’t keep writing the Saudis blank checks. It's time to end our complicity in this humanitarian crisis – I’ll keep on fighting to get it done.

REALLY IMPORTANT THREAD: 1/ I am hearing that Trump may use an obscure loophole in the Arms Control Act and notice a major new sale of bombs to Saudi Arabia (the ones they drop in Yemen) in a way that will prevent Congress from objecting. Could happen this week.

Today Tony Blair lectures us about “socially liberal, progressive politics” Yesterday he confirmed he received up to $12m from Saudi Arabia - which beheads people and is responsible for the slaughter of thousands in Yemen. The gall is breathtaking ...

Saudi Arabia is not only starving Yemenis, but it is also barring journalists (including me) from getting to Yemen to document the hunger.