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164 countries are parties to the 1997 treaty banning land mines. The UN Secretary General presses the 33 others to join them "without delay” including the United States, Russia, China, Myanmar, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, and the Koreas.

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Government denies being involved "at any point" in Saudi Arabia-backed group's failed bid to buy Newcastle United

The U.K. government denies a report Boris Johnson asked a senior aide to intervene in the proposed takeover of Newcastle United Football Club by a Saudi Arabia-led investor group

Both Saudi Arabia and the UAE have an interest in continued tension between the United States and Iran, @tparsi  writes. How can the Biden administration incentivize them to engage in regional diplomacy in good faith?

Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Israel have an interest in sustaining hostility between the United States and Iran, writes @tparsi . What will this mean for a potential return to the Iran nuclear deal?

Special flights to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, and Singapore to ensure that migrant workers can reach their destinations, even though international flights have been suspended due to the "strict lockdown" #Bangladesh  #lockdown 

Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Israel have an interest in sustaining hostility between the United States and Iran, @tparsi  writes. What will this mean for a potential return to the Iran nuclear deal?

Onerous early settlement clauses and long fixed-rate periods deter borrowers from refinancing mortgages in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, respectively, helping ease the impact of historic low interest rates on banks' dwindling margins.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi has agreed with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on investment projects in his country, a report said on Tuesday.

MBS has consolidated too much power for action by the United States to jeopardize his position within Saudi Arabia, argues F. Gregory Gause III. Attempting to isolate him would only mean giving up the leverage Washington still has.


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I guess @JoeBiden  cares more about workers in Saudi Arabia than in the United States.    In less than 36 hours, our new president has declared war on the American energy industry.

BREAKING: Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund, PCP Capital Partners and Reuben Brothers have withdrawn from the process to buy Newcastle United.

Would very much appreciate Saudi Arabia doing their IPO of Aramco with the New York Stock Exchange. Important to the United States!

The big Oil Deal with OPEC Plus is done. This will save hundreds of thousands of energy jobs in the United States. I would like to thank and congratulate President Putin of Russia and King Salman of Saudi Arabia. I just spoke to them from the Oval Office. Great deal for all!

Saudi Arabia has now agreed to spend the necessary money needed to help rebuild Syria, instead of the United States. See? Isn’t it nice when immensely wealthy countries help rebuild their neighbors rather than a Great Country, the U.S., that is 5000 miles away. Thanks to Saudi A!

Can anyone remember a time or an instance when Trump -- as president or before -- embraced the cause of fighting corruption and advancing the rule of law? Not just in Ukraine but anywhere, anytime? Egypt? Saudi Arabia? Russia? North Korea? The United States of America?

Cadre, a real estate startup partly-owned by Jared Kushner, is seeking an investment of at least $100 million from a private fund backed by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The United States has ended the ridiculous 230 Million Dollar yearly development payment to Syria. Saudi Arabia and other rich countries in the Middle East will start making payments instead of the U.S. I want to develop the U.S., our military and countries that help us!

The United States does not NEED Saudi Arabia for anything.