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ICBA's latest Payments Brief examines bank-centric bill payment opportunities for community banks to help them increase customer satisfaction and retention, and remain at the forefront of customers' payment needs. #MainStreetMatters  ➡️

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Study finds viewing #fitspiration  Instagram photos reduces women’s mood and body satisfaction

A recent Harvard study has unveiled Chinese people's rising levels of satisfaction with the government's performance since the turn of the century, on the back of improvements of their material well-being.

Talk to your customers 🗣️ We can learn a lot from data, but there's no better place to learn than from the source. 📩 Email your customers for feedback ☎️ Get on calls to learn what you could improve on ✔️ Send customer satisfaction surveys Always be improving 📈

“There is nothing remotely resembling self-satisfaction in Tesla’s ambition to become vastly bigger in scale and in its impact on the world,” the Barron’s Roundtable member said.

Going in, you always know how the story will end (with a perm), and yet each video is a delight, packed with all the satisfaction of a before-and-after makeover montage set to its own personalized soundtrack

Despite being a significant driver of advisor satisfaction, only 21% of advisors report their platforms are "completely integrated" w/ data syncing and workflows. Yup, sounds unfortunately about right. :( "Best & Worst BDs for Advisors: J.D. Power"

There has been a slight improvement in satisfaction levels experienced by savers choosing to transfer out of their defined benefit scheme for the first time


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Regarding other human beings as our brothers and sisters can make our lives happier and more meaningful. Some people think that when we cultivate compassion and affection for others only they benefit—in fact, we ourselves derive great benefit and satisfaction from such conduct

If you set out to cheat and deceive others you’ll be tense and anxious in case you’re found out. But if you live your life and conduct your business on the basis of truth and honesty, it gives you a sense of satisfaction and self-confidence that is also a source of inner strength

Joy and happiness are mental events and, according to our day to day experience, mental satisfaction is superior to physical pleasure. We need material development, but it’s a mistake to depend on material things alone to find happiness. We also need to be warm-hearted.

I only light up when camera’s are flashing, never enough and no satisfaction, got no shame, I love the way you’re screaming my name

People inflict pain on others in their selfish pursuit of happiness and satisfaction. Yet true happiness comes from a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood. We need to cultivate a sense of universal responsibility for one another and the planet we share.

Ethics are not a collection of commandments and prohibitions to abide by, but a natural inner offering that can bring happiness and satisfaction to ourselves and others.

Making others happy is not a question of sacrificing our own happiness. Trying to make others happy, even when we do not always succeed, is a source of great satisfaction. Anger and hatred are signs of weakness, while compassion is a sure sign of strength.

We have to learn how to use our time properly. It's important to make our lives meaningful. Bullying and cheating others may give a short-term return, but leaves a nagging sense of unease. Money doesn't yield real satisfaction, whereas compassion does.

People who deactivated Facebook in a study were happier afterward, reporting higher levels of life satisfaction and lower levels of depression and anxiety. That change is equal to about 25-40% of the beneficial effect typically reported for psychotherapy

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....contracting procedures were not addressed to my satisfaction. Therefore, Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer’s services have been terminated by Secretary of Defense Mark Esper. I thank Richard for his service & commitment. Eddie will retire peacefully with all of the.....