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Though Squid Game’s social critique most obviously aims at extreme inequality, its satire is most effective when it targets a principle that has served to support, justify, and perpetuate such inequality in South Korea.

A tweet falsely claimed Facebook had changed its policy on hate speech to prohibit a slogan popular among critics of President Joe Biden. The user who originated the claim told @AP  it was satire, but many social media users spread it as if it were true.

Only 3 more days of the #Jokekeeper  campaign — fund some climate oriented satire over the next 6 months — still some great perks avaliable:

I’ve gone back to check whether it’s satire, nope

Absolute top class satire - I was about 15 seconds in before realising he was taking the piss

“The Beta Test”, a new and wickedly funny satire, upholds a long-standing tradition

Hollywood loves making films about the movie industry. “The Beta Test”, a new satire, sought to “de-glamourise it as much as possible”

Would Jesus tell the kind of jokes published on The Babylon Bee? Its editor in chief thinks so. For #TheExperimentPodcast , @emmaogreen  explores how comedy pushes boundaries—and the fine line between satire and misinformation. Listen here:

Satire: Parents ought to leave their child on a mountaintop and go about their lives.


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"I really don't see the point of comedy unless there's something underpinning it." Chris Morris says satire is not about being "slapped on the back by the orthodox elite", it's about wanting to "change something".

I think this, from the New Yorker, might be closer to reporting than satire.

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Stanford is not letting a student graduate because of political satire that offends a powerful organization dedicated to installing conservative judges? How is this taking any longer than 15 minutes for them to reverse and apologize?

.⁦⁦ @elashton ⁩ reports that minutes after addressing 50 Tory MPs in a room with a notice saying capacity was 29, @BorisJohnson ⁩’s office tweeted that meeting in groups of more than 30 is illegal, punishable with huge fine. Satire is dead

Beyond satire. Twitter is literally censoring the President of the United States for saying that violent anarchists will not be allowed to take over our nation’s capital & that law enforcement will act to protect public safety. In Big Tech’s Orwellian world, that’s “abusive.”

Beyond satire. Yesterday: “It would undermine integrity & independence of NYT if we only published views that editors agreed with” Today: “We’re sorry we thought integrity was more important than insulating our staff from scary ideas. Won’t happen again”

"The Greg Gutfeld Show, a weekly, late night , political satire program, beat Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show in viewers, as well as The Daily Show, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, and Conan in combined total viewers."

It was on official Pentagon letterhead and everything. And it wasn't that long ago. Maybe it was... satire?

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It’s basically satire at this point. Anonymous intelligence officials leak to the media evidence-free and utterly vague claims that Russia supports whichever candidates they hate, and we’re all supposed to just swallow it uncritically because of their history for truthfulness: