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Netflix releases preview images for star-studded comedy special Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine

Sarah Cooper is headed to Netflix as the host of a new variety show--and she's bringing some incredible guests with her.

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Sarah Cooper says in an interview that post-quarantine, she won't miss the awkwardness of the "hug or a handshake situation"

Ban TikTok??? That's the worse decision ever well maybe not ever because you've made a lot, but it's time to reset you know what I mean young people want to have fun, make videos, and watch Sarah Cooper and if you take that away... Good Luck.

Comedians Tig Notaro and Sarah Cooper talk at the #WSJWomenIn  the Workplace forum about how the pandemic has upended the comedy industry, forcing them to rethink how they generate material and what constitutes success


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Trump impersonator and comedian Sarah Cooper: "I have heard Donald Trump say some pretty unhinged things. I have heard them over and over and over again. But nothing is more dangerous to our democracy than his attacks on mail-in voting during a pandemic."

Sarah Cooper, who has become one of the hottest comedians thanks to her social media posts lip-syncing to Trump’s statements, is getting her own Netflix comedy special. Here's what to expect

sarah cooper'>Comedian Sarah Cooper at #DemConvention : "Donald Trump doesn't want any of us to vote because he knows he can't win fair and square. So, whether you plan to vote by mail or in person wearing your mask, it is your vote and it's your right. Don't let Donald Trump take that away."

Trump’s desire to ban TikTok shows he’s more concerned about the spread of Sarah Cooper videos than he is about the spread of the coronavirus.

"Sarah Cooper is being mean to me! I don’t like it when girls are mean to me!" mocks one Twitter wag.


During quarantine, Sarah Cooper started posting videos of herself lip-syncing to clips of President Trump. Cooper wanted to take away the press and staffers to show what it would look like if a black woman spoke like Trump in a meeting. @hereandnow 

I wrote about the Trump lip-sync comedy of Sarah Cooper et al, and how the best satire takes the words right out of his mouth.

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