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Sandra Smith On Media’s Claim That Border Patrol Agents ‘Whipped’ Migrants Trying To Enter U.S

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Accelerator Websites Acquired by ThriveFuel, LLC: Accelerator Websites, a division of Sandra L. Leyva, Inc., has been acquired by ThriveFuel, LLC, a full-service marketing agency providing business… > #CPA  #tax  #accounting 

(3/3) follows a similar one at the @FHFA  where the WH continues to haggle over the appointment of Mike Calhoun, a long-time housing advocate who has some ties to Wall Street, and Sandra Thompson, the acting head and favorite of progressives. Story developing

Dr. Sandra Guerra has alleged that she was terminated in February 2020 after a subordinate accused her of harassment. She says that was just a pretext for her firing and that the real reason had to do with her color, gender and national origin.

Provincial police have publicly identified the person killed in a Sept. 10 crash in the Sarnia area as Sandra McDougall, 59, of Dresden.

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Dr. Sandra Vanderbilt, a professor at George Washington University, says, "It simply does not make sense to re-open without some flexibility for families, especially since so many children (my own included) are not yet eligible for a vaccine."

Sandra Cisneros started writing the story that became 'Martita, I Remember You,' her new novella, thirty years ago. Here, she speaks with @richardzsantos  about the new work, bad first drafts, and staying hopeful.

“I felt like I was going to be another Sandra Bland like yanking me out of the car just hurting me,” Redd told us as she recalled the incident.


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Sandra Oh is The Chair. Premieres August 20

These two Justice icons—the notorious RBG and the trailblazer Sandra Day O’Connor—should have their statues in the U.S. Capitol. Over 250 guys do. Proud to introduce a bill this week with @lisamurkowski  @SenatorSinema  and @SenatorCollins  to get this done.

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A story worth sharing: Twelve years ago, Brian joined my first presidential campaign. Two years ago, he was diagnosed with ALS and launched @iamalsorg  to find a cure. Brian and Sandra wake up every day believing that we can win this fight—and that makes me hopeful, too.

HISTORY. The first New Yorker, frontline nurse Sandra Lindsay, has been vaccinated. Healing is coming. Thank you, Sandra.

Wait...I’m was trending again??? Ok then-JUSTICE for Breonna Taylor!!! Justice for Oluwatoyin Salau!!!! Justice for Sandra Bland!!!!! Loving ourselves and each other is respectful and uplifting; supportive. EYES ON THE PRIZE, LOVE VILLAGE, EYES ON THE PRIZE.

George Floyd should still be alive. Breona Taylor should still be alive. Michael Brown should still be alive. Eric Garner should still be alive. Sandra Bland should still be alive. Philando Castile should still be alive. #BlackLivesMatter 

After 109 days and no justice, I say Breonna Taylor’s name. I say the names of Sandra Bland, Atatiana Jefferson, Aiyana Jones, and the countless others who were killed by police or who died in police custody. We will continue to demand change in their honor.

Sandra the orangutang started washing her hands because she saw all the zookeepers doing it repeatedly during the COVID-19 crisis. Wash your hands. Be more like Sandra.?❤️??

#SayHerName : On this day five years ago, our beloved sister Sandra Bland died in police custody three days after she was stopped, arrested and jailed for a broken tail light