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ISKCON USA supports complaint against Surleen Kaur, says Sanatana Dharma followers hurt by comedian's remarks.

: Hinduism is a religious holding company for religious theologies of Sanatana Dharma, Advaitha, etc

Dr. Nagaswamy on the continuing tradition of Sanatana Dharma in the Temples of Bangkok via @PGurus1 

@Piyushssr  @i_amdineshS  @jagdishshettyr  @GotabayaRi  Lanka adheres to Buddhism mostly, which is part of sanatana dharma'>Brihad Sanatana Dharma, as are Sikh & Jain religions. US identity according their scholars is White Anglo Saxon EnglishSpeaking Protestant [read Huntington]. Judaism on the West is closest to us.

Received a copy of "Yoga Vaashistaa" (a dialogue between Lord Rama & Sage Vaashista) from Samata Books. We must support  publishers like Samata books who have been publishing books on Sanatana Dharma. samatabook @gmail .com

When people quote Sanatana Dharma from the Rig Veda it tells U a thing or 2 about them. BTW, Sanatana Dharma was popularised by Mahatma Gandhi, although its revival is more associated with Arya Samajis. Nobody has yet explained how Manusmriti & Sanatana Dharma can go together.

The judges should go with authentic facts from religious scriptures of Sanatana Dharma : Ilyas Sharafuddin, Islamic Scholor tells TIMES NOW. | #MasjidLawyerBulliesJudge 

The biggest myth in Hinduism is the existence of that something called “Sanatana Dharma.” Like the famous Schrodinger’s cat, it exists until you actually start looking for it. At which time it dissolves into a welter of caste & superstition.

Is there a good book that defines the origin, character & nature of Sanatana Dharma?


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Yogi statement should be seen in the context of the openness of Sanatana Dharma via @PGurus1 

: Sikhism is a distinct religion sharing concepts with Sanatana Dharma. It is Hindu only to the extent it was born in India

Addressing meeting on Union of Sanskriti, Sanskrit and Sanatana Dharma in Edison New Jersey today

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Today I addressed about 150 devotees of Swami Dayananda Sarasvati in Coimbatore. Half were Foreigners from West. Why ? Sanatana Dharma.