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The San Jose police chief said officers will no longer use rubber projectiles simply to disperse crowds. However, he still feels the department can't ban them altogether.

The San Jose police chief publicly highlighted his policy changes, including an order to not use rubber projectiles simply to disperse crowds. But he still feels the department can't ban them altogether.

San Jose police Chief Eddie Garcia announces a policy change banning the use rubber projectiles to disperse crowds.

San Jose police chief restricts the use of rubber bullets and projectiles used for crowd control. “What the police chief has done clearly has started the conversation,” said San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo. “It’s a very good step.”

San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia announced crowd control policy changes in a memo to his officers Monday more than a week after violent clashes between his police force and protesters.

San Jose police chief Eddie Garcia tweeted that while the police department already bans chokeholds “as a controlled technique to overcome resistance,” it would further clarify to bar the chokehold use of “any body part to apply pressure to the neck.”

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San Jose's police chief said he spoke with Derrick Sanderlin, a community activist who has helped train police in bias and says he was shot in the groin with a rubber projectile fired by police. "I assured him we will be investigating this incident."

As Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a call for limits on police tactics, San Jose's mayor asked new questions about the police department's use of so-called rubber bullets. Some of those questions could be answered by the police chief next week.

San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia said that the department's police officers have only used non-lethal force in recent days against "agitators" who have attempted to harm law enforcement during otherwise peaceful protests.

LIVE VIDEO: San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo joins city manager and police chief to address police response to recent protests.


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'SINCERELY APOLOGIZE': San Jose Police Chief Garcia says he regrets his statement he made Sunday about Officer Jared Yuen, who fired projectiles and antagonized the crowd at Friday's protest.

"If you wear a badge and you don’t have an issue with this...turn it in." — the Chattanooga police chief "The act of one, impacts us all." — the San Jose police chief "I AM SORRY" — an Ohio officer Police across the country react to the Floyd video.

There have been more than 100 arrests in San Jose in the last 48 hours related to protests and looting, Police Chief Eddie Garcia said while discussing the city's 7-day curfew.

JUST IN: San Jose Police chief Eddie Garcia said protests in the city have caused “millions of dollars in damage to both public and private property.”

“If anyone in that room thinks that anything they saw in that video was okay, leave. Leave. We do not want you here. Your community does not want you here. I certainly do not want you here," San Jose Police ChiefEddie Garcia said.

WATCH LIVE: San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and Police Chief Eddie Garcia provide live updates on the unfolding situation and the new citywide curfew amid protests against the killing of George Floyd.

“If you have malice in your heart, it doesn’t matter how you’re trained,” San Jose Police ChiefEddie Garcia told his cadets after watching the video that sparked protests across the country. Anyone who sees it differently, he said, should leave.

San Jose Police Chief Called For ‘Progressive’ Police Force After Riots In Other Cities

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San Jose Police Chief Who Admits ALLOWING ATTACKS on Trump Supporters is Affiliated With La Raza via @gatewaypundit