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Steven #Seagal  gives #Maduro  a samurai sword during his visit to #Caracas 

After the samurai sword attack, the couple raced home, hid the weapon and packed a bizarre grab bag of nunchucks, a toy pellet gun and twenty-one thousand dollars in savings. #60Mins 

This Emirati man's personal museum has 15,000 amazing items, including a samurai sword, a Second World War field phone and a century old Quran

Samurai sword killer and his fiancée break their silence on why they went on the run

The true story of Yasuke, the legendary Blacksamurai behind Netflix’s new anime series

To protect Hannah, Blake grabbed one of his prized samurai swords. To him, it was the closest and only option to save his partner. #60Mins 

To save a life this man took another’s; attacking an armed intruder with a samurai sword. Now on #60Mins , in a home invasion gone fatally wrong, his girlfriend says he’s a hero, but the law says he’s a villain.

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Australia's Samurai killer. TONIGHT on #60Mins , the bizarre and twisting story of a home invasion gone fatally wrong. The couple say it was self-defence, so why did they run? NEXT on @Channel9 .

A couple who killed a home intruder with a samurai sword have given an exclusive interview with 60 Minutes, speaking on their experience of the incident. @thelizhayes  #9News 

Review: ‘Yasuke’ Reclaims a Black Samurai From History


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Man allegedly decapitated landlord with samurai sword over rent dispute

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"You will not stop me Aku!" Defeat the darkness in Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time, and check out its release date trailer now.

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time is a brand new hack-and-slash adventure coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch this summer.

Badass samurai slices a 100mph fastball in half

Japan left their dressing room spotless and with a 'Thank You' note in Russian after their heartbreaking loss to Belgium. The Blue Samurai are the best. via

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A normal Saturday. @justinbieber  swinging a samurai sword at me. Normal

My idea of a perfect date is getting a samurai sword & buying a bunch of fruit to slice up in the garage...... Any takers?