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Samuel Paty was killed for trying to teach about free speech. His jihadist murderer targeted him based on social media outrage and lies, writes Laurent Dubreuil

Pakistan’s Imran Khan has criticized French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent comments on Islam, which follow the killing of Samuel Paty, a teacher who was beheaded for showing students caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.

A young man who "liked" a gruesome Twitter picture showing French teacher Samuel Paty after he was murdered has been charged with glorifying terrorism, French authorities said Sunday, October 25.

Samuel Paty was strict with his pupils, but he cared about them, and had regularly phoned their homes during lockdown to check they were OK

Like many French Muslims, @OrosemaneSamia  is worried about becoming collateral damage in Macron’s "war". She attended a rally in Paris in honour of history teacher Samuel Paty. A woman in the crowd pointed at her and said: “You band of assassins”

French MPs took a moment of silence to honor Samuel Paty, the teacher who was murdered after reportedly discussing caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad with his students. Paty's suspected killer was later shot and killed by police.

In class, Samuel Paty taught with passionate energy, especially on Athenian democracy and the French revolution

A week after the murder of history teacher Samuel Paty, many in France have been championing the country's fierce secular values. But some say the long-held belief is fueling divisions — and extremism.

The coffin of Samuel Paty is carried in the courtyard of Sorbonne University during a memorial in Paris. The history teacher was beheaded by an attacker after he showed cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad in class. More photos of the week: 📷 Francois Mori

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The French Council of the Muslim Faith made the announcement amid a crackdown on extremism in the country, following the beheading of teacher Samuel Paty, who had shown pupils images of Mohammad.


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French President Emmanuel Macron led a national ceremony in memory of Samuel Paty, the teacher who was beheaded in the street after showing caricatures of Prophet Muhammad.

Vigil held to pay tribute to French history teacher Samuel Paty, who was beheaded after showing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad to students President Macron vowed to continue to "fight for freedom"

President Emmanuel Macron led a national tribute to Samuel Paty, who was beheaded after showing caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad in class as part of a lesson on free speech

French police raid homes of suspected Islamic radicals after beheading of teacher Samuel Paty

French government orders mosque to close after it shared videos condemning Samuel Paty, the teacher killed after showing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad to his pupils

Seven charged over death of French teacher Samuel Paty, who was beheaded last week

In France last week, teacher Samuel Paty was brutally beheaded after leading a class discussion on free speech that included cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. Journalist and former Charlie Hebdo columnist @CarolineFourest  tells me that “we cannot be ruled by fear.”

French journalist @CarolineFourest  is unequivocal about the importance of freedom of speech, saying we cannot be cowed by the brutal murder of Samuel Paty. “We just cannot be ruled by them. We have to resist, and the only way to resist is to draw, is to laugh, is to think.”

RIP Samuel Paty. 🕯 A victim of jihadist terrorism, a hero of European culture and values.