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Nicola Sturgeon has accused salmond'>Alex Salmond of being "almost contemptuous" of key undecided voters as she again ruled out working with him.

UK (Scotland), ComRes poll: Net approval Sturgeon (SNP-G/EFA): +20 Sarwar (LAB-S&D): +2 Starmer (LAB-S&D): -5 Slater (SGP-G/EFA): -5 Rennie (LDEM-RE): -7 Ross (CON-ECR): -10 Harvie (SGP-G/EFA): -11 Johnson (CON-ECR): -29 Salmond (ALBA-*): -51 Fieldwork: 2-7 April Sample: 1007

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Love that Salmond is undermined by #etymology : Alba, Gaelic for Scotland, is from the same root, meaning white, as Albion, Great Britain

Which political figures are bringing out books? 🌹 Seamus Milne 🌹 Diane Abbott 🌹 Lisa Nandy 🌹 Ed Miliband 🌹 Jess Phillips 🌳 Mark Francois 🌳 Liam Fox 🌳 Penny Mordaunt 🔷 salmond'>Alex Salmond + More Full list 👇

salmond'>Alex Salmond says that "if I could make David Cameron back down in 2012, then the Yes movement can make Boris Johnson back down in 2021" Read today's top stories here:

Outgoing SNP MSP Alex Neil has urged his party to work with Alex Salmond’s Alba Party to achieve a “supermajority” of MSPs in Holyrood

Mr Neil served as Health Secretary under Mr Salmond when he was first minister.

salmond'>Alex Salmond says he would run a joint campaign with Nicola Sturgeon and "everybody prepared to campaign for Yes" if there was a second referendum on Scottish independence. Read today's top stories here:


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“This is one of the biggest political stories either side of the border for many years.“ @FraserNelson  explains why The Spectator went to the High Court to argue for publication of AlexSalmond's evidence to parliamentary inquiry #Newsnight 

🚨 ‘The Crown Office is doing a clear-up job, seeking to expunge remnants of Salmond’s evidence from the internet. It has ordered The Spectator to make further redactions to the Salmond submission’ Spectator leading article on Scotland

I hold no candle for the @theSNP  and the Salmond-Sturgeon story is clearly important and newsworthy. But my God compare and contrast the right wing media and @BBCNews  coverage with the comparative lack thereof of @SuellaFernandes  re Cummings, @patel4witham  breach min code ... 1/2

So yesterday- Salmond must provide the evidence!! BUT Today - Salmond must NOT provide the evidence. ....To understate - this doesn't look good for Holyrood and the Crown Office looks crooked.

The Sturgeon Clown Office is insisting that crucial evidence supporting the Salmond case be redacted, which means it can't be considered by the official Inquiry into his claims. This in a democracy. Or former one.

Nicola Sturgeon says there’s not a shred of evidence to substantiate AlexSalmond’s accusations. Fair enough. But how can we tell since her Clown Office has just redacted most crucial parts of his evidence?

Let us step back and appreciate the enormity of events in Scotland today. Former First salmond'>Minister Alex Salmond is accusing First Minister Nicola Sturgeon of lying to/misleading Parliament and part of a ScotGov/SNP move to jail him.

BREAKING @spectator  wins its legal challenge over Salmond trial court orders: Lady Dorrian to vary an order which now allows Salmond and Geoff Aberdein evidence to be published

For salmond'>Alex Salmond to be acquitted of all charges is more than just an embarrassment for Police Scotland and the Procurator Fiscal. It’s a disaster.

Alex Salmond says when he asked David Cameron about the timetable for more powers, the prime minister said it was a meaningless process.