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Salesforce will add 4K jobs over the next 6 mos & 12K over the next year. Join our 54K employee strong Ohana defining the future of software. Salesforce is the worlds fastest growing Top 5 enterprise software company. job @salesforce .com @salesforcejobs 

Salesforce announces 12,000 new jobs in the next year just weeks after laying off 1,000 by @ron_miller 

Appetite for data companies? ✅Salesforce paid more than 10 times sales to acquire Tableau Software. ✅Snowflakedebuted on Sep. 16 at $245 per share, well above its $120 IPO price. Add $PLTR to your watchlist: #IPO  #COMINGSOON  ✅ *Not investment advice

Salesforce To Add 12,000 Jobs Next Year; Shares Up 49% YTD $CRM

Age (in years): Nokia 155 Ericsson 144 Nintendo 131 GE 128 AT&T 119 IBM 105 Motorola 92 Samsung 82 HP 81 Sony 74 Comcast 57 Intel 52 Microsoft 45 Apple 44 Verizon 37 Dell 36 Cisco 36 Amazon 24 Netflix 23 Google 22 Alibaba 21 Salesforce 21 Tesla 17 Facebook 16 Airbnb 12 Uber 11

Salesforce announces 12,000 new jobs in the next year just weeks after laying off 1000 by @ron_miller 

Warren Buffett and Salesforce Will Invest in Snowflake's IPO #businessNews  #WallSt 

ELECTION DAY OFF: Salesforce CEO @Benioff  says all employees will have Nov. 3 off so they can vote on Election Day and is encouraging others to do the same: 'Tell your CEO to give Election Day off to vote'

The difference is you need a Platform You need an salesforce'>Invisible SalesForce that works when you're sleeping because they like what you teach what you tweet The Invisible SalesForce retweet & tell their friends about you and your books You need a Platform #smm 

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Salesforce will let its employees work from home at least until August 2021, with 6 extra weeks of time off for parents.

Stock gains this year: Tesla +444% Zoom +341% Wayfair +256% Docusign +192% Shopify +170% Etsy +169% Teladoc +153% Wix +140% Nvidia +121% PayPal +88% Spotify +88% Amazon +85% Apple +71% Salesforce +66% Netflix +63% eBay +52% Microsoft +44% Facebook +43% Twitter +28% Google +23%

The top of the Salesforce Tower is illuminated with a video of clapping hands and prayer flags in support of medical workers and first responders fighting #COVID19 .

Salesforce's Marc Benioff: Face masks can end the U.S. coronavirus crisis within weeks

Salesforce, San Francisco’s largest private employer, said it has 2,200 open positions. The company is prioritizing the hiring of employees’ friends and family members who have lost jobs because of the effects of the coronavirus through a referral program.

Landed NYC! Congrats to the salesforce PPE team for landing in NYC tonight this National Cargo 747 FULL of PPE incl goggles, face shields, & protective suits donated to New York State & @NYGovCuomo . Special thank you to partners @AlibabaGroup  @alibaba_cloud  & CEO Daniel Zhang.

Stock returns this year: Tesla: +122% Shopify: +40% Uber: +39% Square: +37% Nvidia: +33% Pinterest: +24% Twitter: +21% Netflix: +20% Salesforce: +19% Microsoft: +19% Amazon: +18% Adobe: +16% PayPal: +15% Google: +14% IBM: +13% Intel: +11% Apple: +10% Facebook: +6% Oracle: +5%

Stock returns in past decade: Netflix: +4,177% Amazon: +1,787% Mastercard: +1,126% Apple: +966% Visa: +824% Starbucks: +800% Salesforce: +792% Adobe: +790% Nike: +587% Microsoft: +556% Costco: +542% Disney: +423% Google: +335% McDonald’s: +325%

Getting the whole gang together: Tim Apple Jeff Amazon Elon Tesla Mark Facebook Jack Twitter Sundar Google Larry Oracle Mark Salesforce Daruber Satya Soft Reed Flix

Attn Microsoft Laid Off Employees. Please send your resume to Salesforce. We are hiring! Email Job @Salesforce .com