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RECAP 12/1 Chatter: $AXTA + Nippon Paint $ARLO + Cameras in $AAPL Store (old?) $QCOM + Snapdragon 888 in Android phones $AA + Improved Q4 EBITDA $STM + Chatter (betaville) $TSLA - ‘soufflé under a sledgehammer’ (Musk) $TMO + Guidance $CLGX + Full Sale Process, strong bids

RECAP 11/24 Chatter: $GPN - Netspend Sale faltering $BLNK + Acquires U-Go $FUV - Offering $GMAB - Halting enapotamab vedotin $WATT + Wireless charge patent $FIT - $GOOGL decision after EU comission $CLDR + $IBM, Thoma Bravo $VIAC + Simon & Schuster Sale, $2B $MNRO + Activist

RECAP 11/20 Chatter: $SIRI + Howard Stern $MET + $4B unit sale $RIDE - Karma lawsuit $BA + EU approval near Live Breaking trading news

RECAP 11/19 Chatter: $JHG Hires firm for Trian defense $TSLA - Model S reliability (Consumer Reports) $WEN + Buying NPC Restaurants $GIK + Lightning Emotors $FANG + takeover (Betaville) $ABB + Dodge Unit sale $YTEN + PatentBreaking trading news

RECAP 11/18 Chatter: $NKLA + Possible $GM deal progress $NKLA - Nothing new to report $EGO + takeover (Betaville) $ABB + Dodge unit sale $DISH - Improper spectrum discounts (FCC) $SQ $PYPL - $GOOGL pay app accounts $ZM + NYC Schools close

Today's Reliable Sources newsletter: Obama's insights; 'single biggest threat to our democracy;' Trump's denialism; 'absolutely bonkers lies about the election;' Newsmaxsale chatter; week ahead calendar @brianstelter  @oliverdarcy 

RECAP 11/13 Chatter: $VIAC + For Sale $NSC + Activist $VOD + Tower unit IPO $TEVA - EU Copaxone investigation $ENB - Michigan legal action on PipelineLive Breaking trading news

RECAP 11/9 Chatter: $AMD + $TSLA using chips? $BYND - $MCD McPlant $BYND + Co-created $MCD McPlant $BA - EU Tariffs Workfront + $ADBE $ADAP + Tumor reductions $PRSP + Advisors/sale $EVRG + Rejected $NEE bid $IMMP + Ph2 data Live Breaking trading news

RECAP 11/6 Chatter: $NIO + 100 kWh Battery $IRWD + Activist sale push $ABC + CDC COVID Vaccine pharmacy deal $LLY $IBB - $BIIB vote Live Breaking trading news

RECAP 11/3 Chatter: $NIO + Entering EU $KNDI + K27 cleared for CA $UFS + Unit sale $NBY - FDA Warn $T + DTV, Uverse stake sale $PLTR + UK Tracing $ROKU - $WMT $CMCSA Smart TVs $GDOT + $AMZN Flex Debit $BDX - Antigen False positives $IPG + NBA deal $JNJ - Loses Talc appeal


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Better Call Wall (Street?) AMC Networks stock spiking on M&A chatter. Both @Briefingcom  and @Benzinga  citing talk that company has hired $MS to pursue a sale. $AMCX up 6%.

RECAP 4/24 Chatter: $PTON + 2M users, record live stream $ARCT + COVIDX Trademark $AAL $DAL $LUV $UAL etc + Trump could buy tix? $GILD + Trial running ahead of schedule $FB + Launches video chat $ZM - $FB Launches video chat $HTZ - Restructure $CAR + Bond Sale

The "other" chatter out there was that CA would ban vaping altogether. We're told regulators understand this would push peeps to the black market and prefer a GMP-compliant seed-to-sale protocol embraced by legal players, which is in motion. Lots of noise, lots of funk. ? thru

Looks like a #soybean  sale for July/Aug delivery to China did take place; Chatter of #corn  sale happening as well. China would like to keep the focus on the commodities and not structural issues. #oatt 

Trade chatter that a wheat sale to China did take place combines with some positive chart indicators to inject life in the grain complex. Corn up 7, beans up 17, wheat up 10, KC up 12, MN up 8 #oatt 

Trump's sale was limited, as were threats for foes. A little chatter about Flake, a few tweets, brief ad war with Heller. That's it.

Hosting Q and A with Don Larsen at @nyysteak  on West 51st at noon on June 9. Tix on sale. Great baseball chatter.

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Monsanto calling: GMO and pesticide factory Dow up for sale? Merger chatter casts cloud over Dow AgroSciences#GMOs 

$YELP Rumor has $GOOG approaching $YELP with $72/sh offer, Yelp board refused but would be open to a sale for $85+ (UNconfirmed chatter)