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Mark Ruffalo is Ryan Reynolds' dad (in a Netflix movie about time travel)

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6PM/ET tonight Master Trader Program replay of 3-hour Q&A session with Mark Minervini and David Ryan.

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Ryan Segars biked to Black Lives Matter Plaza with his daughters to mark a “historical day,” celebrating that there will be “someone in the executive office who looks like them.”

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$CVNA (+1.1% pre) Insider Sales via Form 4s from: Ernest Garcia, Founder, Pres, CEO & Chairman Ryan Keeton, Officer Daniel Gill, Officer Mark Jenkins, CFO Paul Breax, General COunsel Benjamin Huston, COO Stephen Palmer, Principal Accountant

Newcomer Olivia Kolbe is running alongside incumbent school board members Ryan Butkowski, Tracy Morse, Mark Hauck and Jan Solarz for four board seats on Election Day.

"Biden’s commitment to alliances and collective problem-solving would mark a return to a global framework that Trump has dismissed and sought to dismantle," Ryan Crocker writes.

You will also be learning from 3-time U.S. Investing Champion David Ryan, Mark Ritchie II and some other special guests.


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Ryan Coogler pays emotional tribute to Chadwick Boseman: ''What an incredible mark he’s left for us"

Mark Esperanto = Mark Esper Tim Apple = Tim Cook Mike Pounce = Mike Pence Mike Bolton = John Bolton Betanyahu = NetanyahuRon Ryan = Paul Ryan Steve McCarthy = Kevin McCarthy Marillyn Lockheed = Marillyn Hewson Donald Trump = Donald Trump

JUST IN: Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has ordered the remainder of active duty troops who were brought to the Washington, DC, area to return to their home base of Fort Drum in New York, according to Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy

Don't overlook how rare it is for a player -- any player, not just a rookie -- to hit 53 home runs. Only nine men have done it in National League history: -Pete Alonso -Barry Bonds -Luis Gonzalez -Ryan Howard -Ralph Kiner -Mark McGwire -Sammy Sosa -Giancarlo Stanton -Hack Wilson

30 years ago today, Nolan Ryan became the first and only person to reach the 5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ strikeout mark. #TBT 

Agent Mark Bartelstein is working with the Suns to waive guard Wayne Ellington and allow him to join a playoff contender, league sources tell ESPN. Ellington is arriving with Tyler Johnson from Miami in the trade for Ryan Anderson.

At a meeting Wednesday with conservative groups, the president accused former House speaker Paul Ryan of having “screwed him” by not securing border wall money, according to one attendee, Mark Krikorian.

If you pull back and think about what happened yesterday, it boils down to this: Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows outmaneuvered Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise.

Paul Ryan will be remembered for allowing the destruction of the independence and credibility of the House Intelligence Committee. Mark it down.