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Fascinating to look back at the 2005 NFL draft and ponder the careers of the #1  pick, Alex Smith, and the 250th pick, Ryan Fitzpatrick of Harvard. Meanwhile, picked at #24 , was Aaron Rodgers. Draft#AlexSmith  #WFT  #NFL  #Packers  #Utah  #NFLDraft 

New addition to Antonio Gates played basketball, Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard, and Matt Stafford went to high school with Clayton Kershaw... Frank Gore is the “consummate professional”. Required to note every week by every broadcast crew. And by the way, he is!

Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard = Clayton Kershaw went to high school with Matthew Stafford. #ohreally 

did you guys know ryan fitzpatrick went to harvard

Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard so he would know to target the corner who just got promoted from the practice squad every play

Old discussion, but good one ... which single fact is most tied to one NFL player: - Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard - Chris Hogan played lacrosse - Julian Edelman played college QB Any other ones? I feel like Antonio Gandy-Golden's Rubik's Cube skills will one day make list.

The day Fitzmagic was born 🪄 In 2005, Harvard rookie QB Ryan Fitzpatrick came in and led the @RamsNFL  to a 21-point comeback win! (via @NFLhistory )

Ryan Fitzpatrick's son may be headed to Harvard too 🧠

Wait wait wait Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard? Like Harvard Harvard?!??

“Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard” ran so that “Kyle Juszczyk went to Harvard” could walk


Most relevant

Ryan Fitzpatrick is a maniac.A Harvard educated-Game of Thrones beard wearing-played for almost every team in the NFL maniac.

The 1st ever to Harvard touchdown in the NFL! Ryan Fitzpatrick to Cameron Brate for the TD! #Bucs 

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Ryan Fitzpatrick joins a long list of Harvard graduates making way more money than they deserve in New York.

"ben carson was a neurosurgeon" is the politics version of "ryan fitzpatrick went to harvard"