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A visibly shaken Julia Garner secured an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a drama series, marking her second consecutive win for her scene-stealing performance as Ruth Langmore#Emmys 


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Ruth Langmore. Anna Delvey. Listen to the accents #Ozark  star Julia Garner practices on her husband in the latest episode of our new TV podcast "Can't Stop Watching"

But my favorite character and performance was from Julia Garner as "Ruth Langmore". She steals every scene she's in. Her lines are so good - especially when she goes after Frank Jr for parking in a disabled spot. 2/

Ruth Langmore is quite possibly my favorite TV show character of all time.

OZARK is the best show out and Ruth Langmore is my fav character followed closely by Darlene Snell. Ole Marty and Wendy Byrde better watch out. #Ruthless  #AlwaysScheming 

Ruth Langmore is one of the best characters on TV right now

Ozark S2 was fantastic - better than S1. Some non-spoiler thoughts: -I’m adding Marty Byrde to my list of approved fictional $ mngs -Ruth Langmore is maybe my favorite character -Wendy Byrde is ruthless -I’d be equally scared of Darlene Snell & the cartel lawyer

#JuliaGarner returns in the second season of #Ozark  as the crafty criminal Ruth Langmore. But what other roles has she played over the years?