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U.S. intelligence community has developed new information about Konstantin Kilimnik that leads them to believe he passed internal Trump campaign polling and strategy information to Russian intelligence services, two U.S. officials say.

A Russian agent received internal polling data from the Trump campaign in 2016 and passed it along to Russia’s intelligence services, the Biden administration said. @JohnAvlon : “We’ll soon see whether Republicans even remember how to stand up to Russian dictators.” #RealityCheck 

U.S. intelligence has developed new information about Konstantin Kilimnik that leads them to believe he passed internal Trump campaign strategy information to Russian intelligence services, two U.S. officials say. Rep. Schiff joins @CapehartJ  to discuss.

The Czech Republic is expelling 18 employees of the Russian embassy, who are Russian intelligence officers in the Czech special services’ version:

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@MaddowBlog : Has an important 'missing link' been added to the Russia scandal? The man overseeing fmr. President Trump's 2016 campaign allegedly shared internal information with a Russian operative, who conveyed it to Russian Intelligence Services.

A Treasury Department statement has asserted that a Russian and Ukrainian political consultant shared sensitive campaign and polling information with Russian intelligence services.

The Treasury Department says Konstantin Kilimnik, a Russian and Ukrainian political consultant, shared sensitive information from Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign with Russian intelligence services.​

Czech Republic also announces it's expelling 18 Russian diplomats over suspicions intelligence services of #Russia  were involved in a 2014 ammunition depot explosion.

The Czech Republic announced Saturday to expel 18 Russian diplomats over suspicions that Russian intelligence services were involved in an ammunition depot explosion in 2014. In response to the decision, the Russian side said "Prague is well aware what follows such 'tricks'."

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PRAGUE - The Czech government said Saturday it would expel 18 Russian diplomats identified by local intelligence as secret agents of the Russian SVR and GRU services that are suspected of involvement in a 2014 explosion. #BangkokPost  #World 


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The FBI is offering a $250,000 for information leading to the arrest of Kilimnik. He is wanted on an indictment for obstruction of justice and has been designated as a Russian Intelligence Services agent.

BREAKING: "A cyber espionage group, almost certainly part of the Russian intelligence services" attempted to hack coronavirus vaccine research, U.K., U.S. and Canada allege.

Bipartisan Senate intel. committee report says there was a "direct tie between senior Trump Campaign officials and the Russian intelligence services" via Manafort. And remember: Manafort publicly denied Russia was interfering in the elections. This ought to be big news.

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A damning finding in the GOP-led Senate Intel Cmte report on 2016 election: “...Manafort's presence on the Campaign & proximity to Trump created opportunities for Russian intelligence services to exert influence over & acquire confidential information on the Trump Campaign

Russian intelligence services are trying to incite violence by white supremacist groups to sow chaos in the United States, American intelligence officials said

The entire Trump defense team is pitching a story made up by Russian intelligence services. This is truly remarkable.

I see we are on to the constitutionally prescribed portion of the trial in which the defense advances a series of conspiracy theories concocted by the Russian intelligence services.

Claim by NYTimes today: Russian intelligence services did not hack DNC emails, rather a "hacking group" did and gave the emails out.

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JUST IN: Special counsel urges judge to deny Paul Manafort's request to lift home arrest, says he recently ghostwrote draft op-ed with a Russian tied to intelligence services - court filing

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Russian intelligence service launched cyberattack against American voting services vendor before election, according to an NSA report