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Despite the Kremlin’s best efforts to hide them, problems have been bubbling up in Russia’s provinces, transforming local issues into the most dynamic arena for dissent, protest, and opposition in the country’s political system and fueling unrest

To mark 12 yrs since Russia’s military aggression against Georgia, @Latvian_MFA  pledge support for GE sovereignty & territorial integrity within its int’lly recognised borders & condemns occupation of GE regions of South Ossetia & Abkhazia@MFAgovge  ➡

WASHINGTON — Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has warned Russia’s foreign minister against Moscow paying bounties to Taliban-linked militants and other Afghan fighters for killing American service members, U.S. officials said. (h/t @LiveSquawk ⁩)

The United States lacks the leverage to counter China’s and Russia’s growing influence in the region

Moscow city government employees and medics are being offered early access to Russia’s Covid-19 vaccine, Bloomberg reported Wednesday

Russia’s Su-27 fighter scrambled to intercept US spy planes over Black Sea

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Russia’s coronavirus vaccine undergoes final testing phase

Russian indigenous groups in Siberia and the Far East have asked Elon Musk to boycott Russia’s mining giant Norilsk Nickel linked to several recent environmental disasters in the Arctic

Russia’s coronavirus vaccine undergoes final testing phase

The group started out as an online discussion of hobbies, schoolwork and sometimes politics. But then it was infiltrated by an informant for Russia’s all-powerful security services.


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THREAD: Between 2001 and 2003, Republican Senate staffers hacked into and stole 4,670 files on controversial Bush judicial nominees from 6 Democrats, including me. This scandal amounted to a digital Watergate, not unlike Russia’s hacking of the DNC.

Here’s what the Flynn transcripts show: Gen. Flynn secretly discussed the U.S. response to Russia’s brazen election interference, and lied about it to the FBI and Vice President. No wonder Trump and his allies are trying to re-write history, Because the facts are so damning.

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Happening today: President@realDonaldTrump  is signing an executive order to "authorize economic sanctions on employees of the International Criminal Court (ICC) for pursuing investigations into U.S. military and intelligence personnel at Russia’s behest."

RT if you agree: Americans deserve a transparent, independent investigation into Russia’s involvement with the Trump camp.

Trump is meeting with Russia’s Foreign Minister in the Oval Office — again. Adversaries invited in. Allies locked out. Last time, they laughed about Trump’s firing of Comey. Today, they can celebrate the success of Russian propaganda. Reagan wouldn’t recognize this GOP.

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You have more power than you know. @SenJohnKennedy  just told @CNN’s@ChrisCuomo  “I was wrong” about his claim that Ukraine hacked the 2016 election. This would not have happened had you not called him out. We have to stay loud and extinguish Russia’s misinformation.

The story in the @nytimes  about the U.S. escalating attacks on Russia’s power grid is Fake News, and the Failing New York Times knows it. They should immediately release their sources which, if they exist at all, which I doubt, are phony. Times must be held fully accountable!

This is simple. McConnell does not think Trump can win without Russia’s help.

Mr. President, to conclude there is “no evidence” of collusion, you must ignore Russia’s extensive efforts to help your campaign, the litany of communications between Russia & your campaign, & the massive effort to conceal these contacts. Here’s the truth:

No, Mr. Vice President, that’s false. The Intelligence Community reached no conclusion as to whether Russia’s actions had a determinative effect on the election’s outcome. For you and the President to continue saying it did, gravely misrepresents their work.